[Free Release] Ignacio Tardieu – The Day Before EP (Deep In Dub 076)

Deep In Dub’s new release featuring 6 tracks from a newcomer to the dub techno scene of 2012, Ignacio Tardieu. One of the first tracks I heard from Ignacio was the Dubber track and immediately knew this was someone I was going to be following. His tracks are always heavily filled with deep chords, and let’s face it, if you don’t like chords, why are you even listening to dub techno in the first place.

Hi peeps… December is arrived !!! I have the pleasure to present you this time a new artist for the deepindub family: Ignacio Tardieu.

He join the label with this “The Day Before”, one album, takes a healthy slab of dub delays, a generous slice of techno pulses, a pinch of minimal atmospheres, with an infusion of deep dub techno and blends them together to form an incredible dub techno album !!!


01. Ignacio Tardieu – Black Noise ( 9:03 )
02. Ignacio Tardieu – Caleta ( 6:37 )
03. Ignacio Tardieu – Dubbably ( 8:03 )
04. Ignacio Tardieu – Rising ( 6:59 )
05. Ignacio Tardieu – Single ( 5:23 )
06. Ignacio Tardieu – The Day Before ( 6:38 )

Preview/Stream - Click Here


Download Ignacio Tardieu - The Day Before EP (140 mb)


  1. RinsingAgentsays:

    Arghh Love this eP -however have downloaded from all locations and even though the tunes play in itunes they dont work on iphone 🙁

  2. The High Plains Driftersays:

    try downloading again mate, ive got this on my samsung s3 and plays fine

  3. this album is very nice, i try to download thank you 🙂

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