[Free Release] Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes (Cold Tear Records 032)

13 tracks from an aritst I have never heard before on Cold Tear’s new release….was I excited much….YES…..was I disappointed….NO!  There are some very nice tracks on this album.  Smooth and deep dub techno like Relief & Valley followed up with more detroit stuff such as Mandala.  Overall I really enjoyed this album

A dub techno album sometimes morphing into detroit techno or dub.

Cold Tear

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Valley.


1. Andromeda
2. Blue Sky, Black Wave
3. Closer
4. Continuum
5. Credo
6. Lab 31 Am Wasser
7. Mandala
8. Relief
9. Solaris
10. Some Miles
11. Speed Alpine
12. Valley
13. We Chant The Dub


Download Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes (116 mb)


  1. really nice 🙂

  2. \’really nice\’ doesn\’t really sum it up, been waiting for something like this for a while, love the atmospheric textures, really enjoying this, thanks!

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