[Spread The Love] Kana Interview With Bvdub

Something that I don’t seem to do a lot of this blog is sharing other bloggers hard work. I’m not sure why I haven’t done this, it’s probably because pretty much all my spare time is spent working on this blog in same form or the other. I kind of feel like a lone ranger in the blogging world, I don’t know of many blogs like mine (ones that specialize in dub techno & deep house, and that are updated regularly).

So in an effort to expand this community and hopefully discover some new like-minded bloggers I have decided to start a new feature called ‘Spread The Love’.

Whenever you see the ‘Spread The Love’ prefix on a blog post it means you are reading content from another blog that I feel deserves to be shared.

The first post I want to share with you all is a very inciteful interview Kana conducted with none other than Bvdub.

Read the interviewThis is a 'Spread The Love' post so you will go to another blog now to check out the content. I hope you enjoy, and remember...sharing is caring 🙂