[Release] Matthias Springer – Erosion EP (Eintakt)

Loving the 2 first tracks on the EP. The chords remind me of one of my favourite Ohrwert tracks, only with a more up-tempo beat laid over them. Basiskanal has some of my favourite chords, far reaching, deep and organic is the best way I can describe them. Don’t hear this enough in the chords of dub techno track but Matthias has pulled it off beautifully.

Eintakt Rauhphaser 29, with the Erosion Ep Matthias Springer follows a reduced experimental sound, which is coined by that lofi decay that water causes on soil and stones during the course of time, surrounded by energetic kickdrums, soft basslines and discreet formed percussive elements. The -Karge Welten- Rmx, produced by Dub Taylor runs out of the speakers at prime time, driving dub techno with a tempest of hi hats and sound effects.


My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Basiskanal.


Matthias Springer – Erosion
Matthias Springer – Basiskanal
Matthias Springer – Karge Welten
Matthias Springer – Karge Welten (Dub Taylor Remix)


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