[Release] Matthias Springer – Gletscher Remixes (DREX 013)

The original is still my favourite but these remixes take the track to all sorts of different vibes, and it’s what I love about remix ep’s.

It just took a long time on Matthias Springers “Gletscher” project for hooking up some of his close friendly producers around, thats why we have to release the DREX013 when the DREX014 was already on stock… Sum up for the whole spectrum in deep electronic sounds Matthias invited some really great deep artists to remix the original. Mattias Fridell starts with great techno vibes on dry kicks and soft pads. Byron Bogues and Lars Leonhard got in touch with that epic styled deephouse and laidback synth-loops flying around. Matteo Pitton did a fusion of downtempo breaks and minimal dubhouse just as intro for the techhouse sounds on a discreet Model 1975 remix, closing up with the lush original and that cold, glassy pling-plong hookling that got all remixes as basic hook.

Matthias Springer


Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Original
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Mattias Fridell Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Byron Bogues Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Lars Leonhard Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Matteo Pitton Remix
Matthias Springer – Gletscher – Model 1975 Remix

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