[Release] Lars Leonhard – Masse und Distanz (DimbiDeep Music)

Germany based producer Lars Leonhard already recognized his passion for music in the early childhood and started producing his own sound in the mid 90’s. After his latest great releases, and his album debut “1549” on Bine Music he’s now first time on DimbiDeep Music with a really special 3-Track release and his very unique sounds. Masse und Distanz is moving slow on 100 bpm with great chords, basslines and epic delays, including a ambient styled redux by labelhead Dimbidub. Supererde and Exoplanet instead moving just forward in 4/4 with modernist kind of house and techno elements, but also with that neccessary touch of dub and reverb, thats the perfect definition of DimbiDeep Music!  


Masse und Distanz
Masse und Distanz (Dimbidub Redux)

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  1. naringassays:

    masse und distanz is MASSIVE

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