[Free Release] wzrdryAV & SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – Wave Language EP

New ambient 4 track EP from wzrdryAV & SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, check out the preview mix below which features all 4 tracks blended nicely into one mix. This EP is available to download for free but there is also an option to ‘Name Your Price’, as always we implore you to donate a few bucks to these talented artists.

This is the third collaboration between wzrdryAV & SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL. Synths, samples and field recordings from both of their studios merge once again to create some smoked out atmospherics. Both artists have releases on Silent Season & Digitalis Industries respectively this year.



1. J60 1.0
2. J60 1.1
3. J60 2.0
4. J60 2.1

Checkout the Preview Mix - Click Here


Download Wave Language EP