[Mix] PCM Podcast II

If you are a reader of this blog then I’m sure you would have seen PCMs’ name pop up before. We recently interviewed him and also feature his latest vinyl release.  Here we have an ALL (well nearly) PCM mix showcasing a lot of his earlier works going back to 2007!  Not to be missed if you a fan of the more industrial, old skool sound of dub techno.

This mix is available to stream only.


PCM – Intro (2009)
PCM – Blue Hour (2009)
PCM – Flow (2009)
PCM – Fujisan (2009)
PCM – Never Ending (2009)
PCM – Sigsaly (2009)
PCM – Flux (2007)
PCM – Unreleased
PCM – Glubber (2008)
PCM – Moshi Moshi (2009)
PCM – Unreleased II
PCM – Cruisin (2008)
PCM – Dunny Dance (2008)
PCM vs Zukutozu Karinkito Bytes
Zukutozu Karinkito Bits & Beats