Dub Techno Blog Podcast 001 – Showcasing the finest deep electronic music each month

Starting off a new feature on the blog this first podcast has a selection of some of my favourite tracks from the last month and a bit. I wanted to do something a bit more with my ‘Pick of the week’ feature on the blog so I’ve decided to turn it into a podcast to showcase some of my favourite tracks.

If you want to send me your tracks to be featured on future podcasts I’ll happily give your tracks a listen as long as its deep electronic music I don’t really care what genre, I’ll try to fit a bit of everything in (even if it does muck up the mixing and tempo)

Send me your tracks on soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/nitenichiryu/dropbox

I have been trying sort out a few problems with recordings and my pc, this is my first recording since I come back from travelling last year so the mix is a little rough around the edges, still getting use to the levels with my behringer uca222 interface. Let me know what you think of the quality.

This podcast features a few tracks forthcoming on my own label Drift Deeper Recordings, hope you enjoy them, they will be available for free download.

Also a special mention to the guys at Bitfiction Studios who allowed me to use their amazing art for the podcast cover.


Minimal Boffin – Ubik (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings)
B.W.D. – I Cut Myself (Sol Y Playa 005)
Rhythm Lab Project – Disturbia (Intactsoulrecords 003)
Cio D’or – Ur (Salz Remix) (Telrae)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Panpipes
Vanilla Ace – Layer Cake (Toolroom Records)
Roberto Figus – Planet Dub Part II (version I) (Drex Limited – 5.2)
Low Orbit Satellite – Twelve
Lingua Lustra – Sundays River (Drift Deeper Recordings 001)
Textural Being – I Felt (stasis 011)
Octo Octa – Oh Love (100% Silk 023)
Roberto Figus – Frequency (Drex Limited – 034)
HouseRiders – Altogether
Cosmic Goo – Heartstabs (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings)
Baumfreund – Herbstzeitlos (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings)
Oren Bi – Under Sleeve (Nils Penner remix)
Ariunn – Moment to freedom
Advanced Dreams – Radiowaves2
Miruga – Galactic walls
Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago – Ergo Sum
Textural Being – Sept (stasis 011)
B.O.R. – Sedimental (Forthcoming Drift Deeper Recordings)

Download Dub Techno Blog Podcast 001 (210.19 mb)