[Free Tune] Gorthorn – Untitled (Dub Techno Blog Exclusive Free Download)

Joe contacted me to share his latest creation which isn’t really like the usual stuff I post on this blog but it’s nice to post something a little different from the norm now and again. I really like this track and asked if Joe would be kind enough to give it away from the blog, he said yes, so enjoy some more free music.

Hi There
My name’s Joe and I’m 19 years old
I am extremely open minded about all kinds of music
I pretty much absorb every genre in existence
Especially: Metal, Dub, Classical and Ambient.
I’ve studied Music Production for about 4 years and produce, mix and master my own stuff, I don’t always stick to one particular genre of music.
Feel Free to Follow me on Twitter or SoundCloud


Download Gorthorn - Untitled (13.2 mb)