DimbiDeep Files Mixed by Dimbidub – March 2012

DimbiDeep Music is the Imprint of Dimbidub born in 2010 and related to the real dub techno or dubtronica, which consists of electronic beats played in a downbeat manner. It can be much lower in speed than techno and is generally warmer than dance-oriented electronica. The labels sound is repetitive but rewards careful listener attention. Bulding soundscapes with a lot of delays, reverbs and very different, experimental created elements. The already seven Releases with artists like Matthias Rahn, Syncronize or f.l.o. gained alot of reputation on the labels sound within a few months and the next strikes are already in schedule. DIMBI008 will be released end of March 2012 with 3 great tracks by Narcotic303. The next steps after will be a release with Fingers in the Noise and the labels Album-Debut with Matthias Rahn. May the Dub be with you.


Narcotic 303 – Wind – DIMBI008

F.L.O. – Lack Of Oxygen – DIMBI002

M.Rahn – Froster – DIMBI001

Confusion Concepts – Connect (Model1975 Remix) – DIMBI003

Narcotic 303 – Aura – DIMBI008

Dimbidub – Tone 6 – DIMBI004

Dimbidub – Tone 5 – DIMBI007

Syncronize – HB004 – DIMBI006

Matthias Springer – Fingers on the Glass – DIMBI005



  1. Clicking the DimbiDeep Music link points to your own server and results in a 404 error. Sounds solid though.

  2. The High Plains Driftersays:

    have fixed it, thanks mate for pointing that out 😉

    oh have added you to the blogroll too, so sorry i havent done this earlier

  3. Dee Xiao Longsays:

    Stumbled upon your blog not too long ago… I dig! Nice work and thanks for your efforts. That is one great mix right here. In addition to sounding great ( especially while reading some Gibson cyberpunk novels ) it gave me an opportunity to discover artists I had never heard before. So thanks a whole lot.

    Staying tuned.

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