Odium – Ape 01 Mix

Odium resides in Croatia and has been promoting electronic music in Croatia for the last 12 years.  Mostly dnb (his crew have hosted some huge parties in Croatia).  Moving slightly away from dnb, Odium has been listening to dub
techno for the last 2 years and loves the sound.

Odium asked me to post this mix on my blog as a calling for all dj’s and promoters to get in touch with Odium as he would like to organize a party in Zagreb.  Send him a message on his soundcloud.

Mostly dub techno mix.  Will try to make one every next month from now on.  Hopefully there will be some of my tracks in the next one. Little bit lazy when it comes to production.

And everything else tbh.


Download Odium - Ape 01 Mix (164.21 mb)