Vs_Kurayami – Murano (Markus Masuhr Respective Mix)

Vs_Kurayami – Murano (Markus Masuhr Respective Mix) Taken from the EP, Murano EP (Insectorama 2011) Free to download, link below šŸ™‚ | PACED | Tony Torres, David CardeƱa (Vs/Kurayami)… Vs/Kurayami is a project that has united two continents, the American Tony Torres, and Spaniard David CardeƱa. Tony Torres has a wide experience with visual media and photography. Now he has entered the realms of exploring new closer sounds with electronic music, between IDM and Dub. He composes his own music under the name of Atabey. David CardeƱa has been involved in several musical projects under the name of Onka Onichi, Infrasound, Ring Nebula, etc, he has publish several traks on vinyl and has done live performances around Spain as well as performed in several festivals. He has worked with record labels Jaxx Record, Palace Recording, Soleil Records, Ornithopter, Schall, Subversive Media, etc. He has producer a diverse style of musical projects under these labels, from Dub Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Ambient, Detroit, etc. Together they invoice Dub Techno, dark, melodic and evocative. Inspired by the German roots of Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, Monolake and Maurizio. Vs/Kurayami SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Atabey SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Liquid Telepathy SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Tony Torres Facebook: www.facebook.com The Remixer, Markus Masuhr… Markus started with electronic music in 1993. Starting to DJ with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went