Textural Being – Homage Á Maurizio

really, i love textural being’s music – dg

Textural Being – Homage Á Maurizio
Taken from the album, Futur[e]cho (Cold Fiction Music 2011)

| B A S I C A L L Y | C H A N N E L L E D |

Sage Taylor (Textural Being)…
Sage Taylor is from Portland, United States.
Ambient/Techno/wannabe Dub musician from Portland Oregon. Not a lot to say about me really, I go to work, I come home, I make music, then I go to sleep. Repeat….
-Sage Taylor’s Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/sage-taylor

The Netlabel, Cold Fiction Music…
This netlabel was started only a short time ago here in 2009 with the goal of getting unknown talent noticed. We do many different styles of music and are looking for some Jazz artists. Currently we are based in Lawrence, Kansas. Our motto is to help the unnoticed talent become noticed. We don’t just do electonica. If we think you’re good enough we’ll release your music.
Also we are partners with the label Bitkins: http://www.bitkins.com
-Label MySpace.

Cold Fiction Music MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/coldfictionmusic
Cold Fiction Music YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/coldficti…

You can download the double EP this track came from, as well as the label’s discography, for free from their website: http://www.cfmlabel.com/index.html

Turntable: Sony PS-X500

Textural Being mixed by deepgoa


  1. I really like the term ‘Cold Fiction’! Is it a play on the term ‘Cold Fusion’?

    I’m afraid I’m not a huge fan of Techno but, after messing around with some drum and synth sounds on Cubase I’m becoming more of a fan!

    Wishing you luck with your aim to find new musicians and artists, there are some amazingly talented people out there!

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