Federico Gandin ft. Ivan Bert @ Natural Sciences Museum – Turin, Italy – July ‏ 2010

Federico Gandin ft. Ivan Bert @ Museo di Scienze Naturali 1 luglio 2010 by federico gandin

Federico Gandin dj set with Ivan Bert on trumpet and a short appearence at the very begin of Paolo Porta and his tenor sax.
This recording was made for “My Sonic Ensemble project” @ cortile della farmacia Museo di Scienze Naturali Torino.

Gear: 2 technics 1210 + 3 cdj 1000+ pioneer djm 800+ trumpet on 2 mic fx+sax.



  1. Federico Gandin I like very much, thanks to that published and pleased my ears)

  2. great record..i had to listen to it few times.

    greetings from spain!

  3. this audio was really good, i could meditate to this and that’s one thing too, that we should all meditate to find out answers because all the answers in the universe is in us…that’s why I’m starting to meditate and begin astral traveling!

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