Background Techno Experience Podcast » Episode 93 FRANCESCO PIUNTI

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Background Techno Experience Podcast » Episode 93 FRANCESCO PIUNTI

Francesco was born 35 years ago in San Benedetto del tronto, a small town on the Adriatic Sea of the middle Italy.

At the beginning of the 90th years he started to assiduously frequent the Echos club in Misano Adriatico; here he was ravished from the new house and deep sounds excellently proposed from the two resident djs Flavio Vecchi and Ricky Montanari.

The constantly increasing passion brought him to pass whole afternoons listening to vinyls in the small shop of his town and starting to collect undred of them.

Thanks to this devoted listening he gained the plesure and knowledge of the music language and developed his multifaced culture ranging from Reggae, Funk to deep House.
He define himself as an hold school dj, infact till today he use the traditional technics 1200 and his first mixer to mix .

Vinyl lover and supporter he has today his dimention in Techno Dub and he bases himself on artists like Quantec, Brendon Moeller, Pablo Bolivar, Deadbeat, Mikkel Metal, Echospace, Martin Schulte, Bvdub, CV313, Fluxion, Marko Furstenberg, Luke Hess and other Artists.