Beto Narme Multiple Choice Preview

It isn’t our first encounter with Beto Narme a.k.a Tufan Demir here on Sublime Porte; the name first appeared on the label with the remix he made for Derivate’s L2 (Lagrange Points I).  He is also the guy behind Sublime Porte Podcasts #2 and #3 that collided dubstep with techno. Multiple Choice, also, is an EP that consists of different styles and not easy to pin one genre; it’s a fusion of many elements: dubstep, ambient, techno and tech-house. Here’s a preview clip that contains snippets from our upcoming release “Multiple Choice”

Beto Narme Multiple Choice Preview by sublime porte

tech, dub ” dubstep dubby dubtechno 2step ” istanbul

Our new release written and produced by Beto Narme. Mixed in Sublime Porte Studios, and mastered by Dubplates & Mastering (Berlin).

Released by: sublime porte
Release/catalogue number: sp07


  1. Hes a very talented producer. Can’t wait to here more from this guy.

  2. Zacksays:

    Very nice sounds, looking forward to listen to it, when is it gonna be released?

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