Back To Goa – Zen Detonator 2 (Aurora)

Time for a change of pace!

Over the last few months Back To Goa has showcased some fantastic minimal and progressive artists with great bonus sets from New Age Hippies and Radioactive Cake. This month Back To Goa’s AURORA would like to rebalance proceedings with an explosive full power dark psy mix!


**Zen Detonator 2**

Track Listings

1. Doing Wrong – Safi Connection
2. Fear of Spirals – Scorb and Deviant Species
3. Downturn – Penta
4. Morning Storm – Dragon
5. Chapora – Dark Elf
6. End of Machine Age – Far East Ghost
7. Life Extension – Enichkin
8. Ice Wind – Savage Scream
9. Hunted Heretic – Orestis
10. Spiritual War – Polyphonia
11. Sound Impact – Polyphonia
12. Hard Task – Becoming Intense and Pharmacore
13. Cruical Night – Fatal Discord

mixed by Dj Aurora (Scotland) 11/10/2009

peace and positive vibes

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