[Mix] Cosmos by Verdant Recordings

Another fine showcase of dub techno from Verdant crew.

My set from Estimulo show 16th September 2012. Vinyl and CDJ set

Verdant Recordings


Murmur – Fumes (Meanwhile)
Fingers in the Noise – Hot Sand (Bine Music)
Fluxion – Stations (Echocord)
Deepchord presents Echospace – Theme from Silent World (Echospace [Detroit])
Silent Harbour – Aquatic Movement 1 (Echocord)
Claro Intelecto – Scriptease (Delsin)
GRIT – Endless Waves [P.Laoss Remix] (Entropy Records)
Conforce – Square Garden (Delsin)
Ukkonen – Thrym (Uncharted Audio)
Earth House Hold – We Live This (Love’s Label)
Desolate – Fluorescence (Fauxpas)
Joules – Light Night (unreleased)
NAx_Acid & Giogio Gigli- Depth Perception (Aconito Records)
City 2 City – Deeper Ocean (Courtesy of Balance Recordings)
Claude Young – Dream of Another Time (Untensil Records)
M500 – Starlight [Deepchord Dub] (Echospace [Detroit])

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Download Cosmos by Verdant Recordings (130.24 mb)

Lost In The Halls of The Mountain King – Ambient Dub Mix

Lost In The Halls of The Mountain King by verdant-recordings

Sumptuous and spacious: dubs, drones and soundscapes. Is this a place to explore or to escape from?

Heinali /Hollow Path (Pronounce)
Stars of the Lid /Even [Out] (Kranky)
Taylor Deupree /Haze It May Be (12K)
Sven Schienhammer /Being Immersed In Another World (Bine Music)
Roderick Julian Modell /Cool Watery Dubs (Lunar)
Atheus /The Magic Mountain (Ghost Sounds)
Loscil /Black Tusk (Glacial Movements Records)
Echologist /Slow Burn [Filter Dub] (Steadfast)
Irezumi /Untitled (Snowblood)
Cv313 /Seconds To Forever [excerpt] (Echospace [Detroit])
Thomas Koner /Teimo (Barooni)
Axs* /Edge of the Chasm (Silent Season)
[Rhythm and Sound /King In My Empire (Burial Mix)]
Purl /Oceanima (Silent Season)
Population One /Rush Hour [Convextion Mix] (Rush Hour)
Koss /Kokoro (Music 4 Your Legs)

I hope you will enjoy and feedback is always good to receive.
Verdant Recordings 2011
CDJs, 1210, DJM600
image courtesy of Val Pitchford