Polygon Window – Quoth

Polygon Window – Quoth Taken from the EP, Quoth (Warp Records 1993) | RUN | ! | Richard D. James (Polygon Window, Aphex Twin)… Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), aka Aphex Twin, is an electronic musician described by The Guardian newspaper as “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music”. He founded the record label Rephlex Records in 1991 with his friend Grant Wilson-Claridge. -Discogs. The Label, Warp Records… Warp (Originally to be named Warped, but shortened for communication ease, and later expanded by the backronym We Are Reasonable People), owned and operated by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell (who sadly passed away in 2001), is one of the world’s most respected and loved electronic and experimental dance labels. After many years in Sheffield, they are now based in London. Joining the slew of attempts at selling music online, Warp is a first with providing high-quality variable bitrate MP3’s for sale, via Bleep.com, including exclusive tracks, samplings of forthcoming albums, and rarities. In winter 2005 the book ‘Warp’ by Rob Young was released as the first volume in the Labels Unlimited series. It gives a fully illustrated overview of the label’s history. -Discogs. The Video… Videos used are as follows: James Harris (A Bad Day): www.youtube.com Last One: www.youtube.com Damien Walters 2010 www.youtube.com The copyright holder of the three videos is, Damien Walters. No copyright infringement is intended. Damien Walters

y0t0 – Uriarra Road (Field Rotation Remix)

y0t0 – Uriarra Road (Field Rotation Remix) Taken from the album, Uriarra Road (Facture 2011) | SUBLIME | Charles Sage (y0t0) is from the UK. About the album: Uriarra Road by y0t0 is a Russian novel of Australian rural decay; 14 tracks of densely layered processed guitar, crowd melody, rain noise, electronic manipulation and birdsong. Inspired by the film ‘In The Winter Dark’, Uriarra Road charts the decline of an outback town chasing survival as industry money crawls back to the city limits; left in its place is a confused and aging collective memory, drunk on nostalgia and the feral rantings of a right wing press. Cabin fever, writ large. y0t0, or Year Of The Ox, is the solo project of Charles Sage of Hessien; previous EPs No Myths and Baraku have been reconstructions of dialogue from documentaries No Maps For These Territories and Goddo Supiido Yuu! Burakku Emparaa, but Urriara Road sees a full album’s exploration of the hope found in abandonment, using a broad palette of field recordings, guitar noise, sparse electronica, minimal beats and bottom end drone. Helping y0t0 map the town in question are Downliners Sekt, Jasper TX, Ghosting Season, Field Rotation, Spheruleus, Relmic Statute and Seaworthy, all of whom navigate the intersections and resentful front rooms of Uriarra Road with skeletal reinterpretations of the main street. -Bandcamp. facture.bandcamp.com The Remixer, Christoph Berg (Field Rotation)… Field Rotation was founded in 2008 by the electronic music

Scape One – Altered Carbon

Scape One – Altered Carbon Taken from the EP, Altered Carbon (Napalm Enema Records 2011) | SYNTH | HEAVEN | Kurt Baggaley (Scape One)… UK Electro producer who records for various underground labels world wide. Kurt’s initiation into Electro began way back in the early 80’s when he appeared on BBC Television as a Robot Dancer. The fascination with machines lead to the purchase of several drum machines and eventualy a TR-808 in 1986. Many years were spent making music at home and doing various gigs along the South Coast of England. Kurt also formed the Hip Hop group Severe Carnage in 1987 where he gained the name Scape One. Kurt later went on to become co-producer for the south coast Electro outfit Transparent Sound producing various titles, most namely the underground Electro track ‘Freaks Frequency’. Since 2000, Kurt has gone on to produce more material as an independant producer, recording for various labels. (Edited) -Discogs. Scape One MySpace: www.myspace.com Scape One Facebook: www.facebook.com Kurt Baggaley Facebook: www.facebook.com Napalm Enema Records is a label based in Canada. Links: soundcloud.com napalmenema.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com Turntable: Gerrard Zero 100C