[Preview] The Nautilus Project – Nachtwanderung (Forthcoming on Forest Roots)

TNP contribution for the Forest Roots Label and it’s third CD, coming in 2014. All sounds, except the synth melody are field recordings, no artifical sound generators involved.

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[Preview] The Nautilus Project – Excursions (FRCD001)

A beaututiful, purely ambient album from TNP, available on limited edition CD as well as digital download. I love ambient and nature background noise so this release really makes me drift into deep relaxation. Brilliant combination of the two sounds.

The Nautilus Project presents his newest release “Excursions”, which is also his most personal so far. It was previously scheduled on the Other Heights Label and later cancelled there – now, it is the initial release on the own “Forest Roots” Label, which was planned, founded and launched by The Nautilus Project and Jaymon far in advance and kept in secrecy until its offical announcement.

This tribute to nature gives a reflection of journeys made by the artist, wandering around in his favourite natural hide-outs and becoming lost within its impressiveness, before returning to the day-to-day reality of civilization. It opens a fabolous new world of music and visions, embedded into a big story, never produced that way by TNP before – shaped and formed into a massive mixture of deep evolving layers and obsessive arrangements, powered by a strange lovecraftian atmosphere and a lurking, unseen presence of nature, where no wanderer has ever been seen. This Release is TNP’s deepest hour, and you are invited to take part on this adventure by a length of around 79 mins. Built up and reduced to the maximum of emotions, “Excursions” comes on pressed Limited Edition CD in a two-pocket eco-cardboard case with artwork inlay and water resistant front side picture, handnumbered and with stamped Forest Roots logo on the back.

Forest Roots


1) The Enchanting Forest
2) Hidden Pathways
3) Overclouded Mountains
4) The Hill Of Secrets
5) A Sleeping Garden
6) The Old River
7) Snow Covered Woods
8) Back To Civilization

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[Preview] The Nautilus Project – Blue Dawn

The Nautilus Project’s output in 2011 has been amazing, listen to this new track and be blown away.  I just hope all these track get an official release someday soon.

This main intention of this track was NOT to have this BC Dubtechno thing. It has come and developed itself during the live work on this tune. Now this is the result and I decided not to give it to trash, because in a strange way, i like it and keep it for a release.

The Nautilus Project

Blue Dawn by The Nautilus Project

Image by m4k4v3l1

[Preview] The Nautilus Project – Sector 14 (from forthcoming 2012 LP)

Sector 14 by The Nautilus Project

Something dirty, mystic, but perfect to think about or come down. It will appear on to one of my Longplayers about a dark sci-fi-world in the future – next year. So stay tuned!

TNP just seems to have the same visions as me when listening to dub techno, i love his tracks, always creating futuristic cityscapes in my head. No doubt these forthcoming LP’s next year are going to be something special judging by what we have heard so far

The Nautilus Project – Foggy Wandering Preview & forthcoming album news

The Nautilus Project

Foggy Wandering by The Nautilus Project

The Nautilus Project – .. the rework of a track, which will be released on my next LP in 2012. Nothing more to say here .. some subtle, different deep chord arrangements and the feelings of Dubtechno.

Loving the rework of this track i cant wait for the LP in 2012. We should be seeing a few release from TNP over the next year, he is currently working on 2 albums and a 12″.

2 LP’s in November (Silent Season, ZeECc) and one in Spring 2012, on ZeECc again.

We have a lot to look forward to.