TEX BATES – EGP EP (Limited Exclusive Promo Codes Inside!)

Label XRCST is proud to present our new ep from Cologne based producer Tex Bates (MOSHItaka, XRCST).

Following up 2014’s well received Adenekan EP, Tex Bates returns with his second release on label XRCST. EGP EP delivers 4 deep dubby tracks where in EGP1 alongside the hypnotic pads and sun-kissed jazzy trumpet it is the chunky bass that creates a nicely balanced contrast. The Science Fiction Club’s remix of the track Ease is a brilliantly done lifting dub techno journey. EGP2 is the shorter version of EGP1 without jazzy trumpet. And closing up with track Ease which is made in the typical Tex Bates’s deep dubby house style – chunky bass with well balanced deep dub techno soundscapes.

[Free Dub Techno Track] Tex Bates – Encounter

Tex Bates is deep house and dub techno producer from London, heavily influenced by the original balearic eclecticism, feeling all the flavours of house, deeper side of techno and dub.

His EP Adenekan is out on label XRCST http://bit.ly/1BbwHgC
Video for track Adenekan http://youtu.be/hxawW7Bmqv4
Tex Bates – Encounter

Download Tex Bates - Encounter