Ray Block – Absorbed In Thought [Unreleased]

Ray Block – Absorbed In Thought Thanks to Ray for the track :-) Free download from SoundCloud, link below. | UNIQUE | Ray Block SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Ray Block MySpace: www.myspace.com Turntable: Brinkmann Balance Anniversary (€30200)

The Exaltics – The Hunch (Hadamard’s Ravage Of The Planet Mix)

Video featuring Metropolis (Fritz Lang 1927) The Exaltics – The Hunch (Hadamard’s Ravage Of The Planet Mix) Taken from the EP, We Are Not Your Friends (Remixes) (Last Known Trajectory | Trajectory 1001X | 2011) | TENEBROUS | Robert Witschakowski (The Exaltics)… After studying the people of Earth for many years The Exaltics came to our planet in 2006 to transmit their message to the people. Here they created their own platform: “solaronemusic” for their final mission. Whilst being amongst us they built up connections with people that understood The Exaltic mother tongue. Collaboration partners like Z-bop and Transient Force are examples of home bases on earth. The invasion begins… -Discogs. The Exaltics MySpace: www.myspace.com The Exaltics Website: www.the-exaltics.com Janko Bartelink (Hadamard) is from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Links: soundcloud.com www.facebook.com Video made using trakAxPC software. Website: www.trakax.com YT Channel with excellent tutorials: www.youtube.com

Redshape – Dead Space Mix (Edit)

Video featuring Plan 9 From Outer Space (Edward D. Wood Jr. 1959) Some scenes have frozen and I have no idea why. Apologies if it spoils your enjoyment :-( Redshape – Dead Space Mix (Edit) Taken from the album, The Dance Paradox (Delsin | 80dsr/rds-cd1 | 2009) | DARK | Sebastian Kramer (Redshape)… Born in the depth of East Germany, Sebastian was always a strong believer that if things were to improve he would need to take it into his own hands. In early 1995 he started to experiment with basic music programs. Influenced by the Detroit Techno era in the early 90’s, Sebastian formed his own interpretation of this vision, a reflection of the culture and surroundings he grew up in. He set about to produce music and to DJ professionally. The year 2000 saw Sebastian’s first vinyl achievement, his 4 tracker Instant EP was released on his own label Content (CNT#00A). This very limited release was enjoyed by many and had heavy rotation in the DJ sets from artists as renowned as Jeff Mills… More records were soon to follow in 2001 and 2002… respectfully LOCH 06 and 08. Sebastian soon got back to work on his own label for the next release (CNT#00B – again strictly limited). Current releases on Pure Plastic, Coda Records, Mainout and even his own Content imprint pushed the name – Sebastian Kramer to advanced listeners around the globe. Played by Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Claude Young, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho and Steve Bicknell, Sebastian’s music is more than well

Scape One – Full Circle

Scape One – Full Circle Taken from the EP, Altered Carbon (Napalm Enema Records 2011) | ELECTROCUTE | Kurt Baggaley (Scape One)… UK Electro producer who records for various underground labels world wide. Kurt’s initiation into Electro began way back in the early 80’s when he appeared on BBC Television as a Robot Dancer. The fascination with machines lead to the purchase of several drum machines and eventualy a TR-808 in 1986. Many years were spent making music at home and doing various gigs along the South Coast of England. Kurt also formed the Hip Hop group Severe Carnage in 1987 where he gained the name Scape One. Kurt later went on to become co-producer for the south coast Electro outfit Transparent Sound producing various titles, most namely the underground Electro track ‘Freaks Frequency’. Since 2000, Kurt has gone on to produce more material as an independant producer, recording for various labels. (Edited) -Discogs. Scape One MySpace: www.myspace.com Scape One Facebook: www.facebook.com Kurt Baggaley Facebook: www.facebook.com Napalm Enema Records is a label based in Canada. Links: soundcloud.com napalmenema.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com Turntable: Fletcher Omega Point 3

Slownoise – Zap 48

Slownoise – Zap 48 Taken from the EP, Token (Load And Clear Netlabel 2011) | DRAMA | Jeremy Davies (Slownoise)… From the Northwest, UK. Slownoise has played with analog hardware for 18 years, recording bands, playing bass, going to festivals and late nights lost in Manchesters club scene. But now he’s producing some very quality sounding dub influenced deep techno music. Not a lot of info was found about him, but there is no question about his talent. -Cold Tear Records Profile. Links: coldtear.com www.myspace.com www.facebook.com www.facebook.com load-and-clear-netlabel.blogspot.com www.facebook.com Turntable: One Degree Of Freedom

Zzzzra – Tlon

Zzzzra – Tlon Taken from the album, Message For Extraterrestial Live (Area 512009) | DREAD |Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra)…. Alexandre is from France and is a producer of electronic music…… This is part of an interview for DeepInDub: “My name is Alexandre Lehmann and Zzzzra is the name of my main music project. I have been producing electronic music since the late 80’s. During that time I was working in my adolescent bedroom, using a brand new Roland D-20, creating stupid love songs without lyrics. I then moved to the living room when I finally grew up and sold all my gear – except for my mighty Nord Modular – to focus on creating music with a computer. Thats about the only big difference in my producing modus operandi since then. Well, except that now I’m a drug addict, but thats another story. I like to wear slippers when I’m producing music, but sometimes its a bit warm out there so I have to go barefoot. I have the feeling that Im more creative when I have a beard. When I shave, everything goes wrong I often drink bottles of soda (with a lot of sugar in it) that are just above my keyboard. This occasionally means big trouble!! Sometimes I have to work on a track for 10 hours straight with no pause (because I always forget to have a break) and then I get bed sores on my ass.” (edited) Zzzzra has released EP’s on numerous (net-)labels like Schall-netlabel, Deepindub and Biomechanics. Trying to describe his sound with only a few words: repetition, difference, echo

Stephen Brown – Solitude

Stephen Brown – Solitude Taken from the EP, Status Bytes (Djax-Up-Beats | DJAXUP276 | 1997) | RHYTHM | DIVINE | Stephen Brown is a Techno producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stephen Brown MySpace: www.myspace.com Turntable: Unknown

Grad_U – Spectral Decay 2

Grad_U – Spectral Decay 2 Taken from the album, Spectral Decay (Dumblys 2010) | BASICALLY | CHANNELLED | Aleksandr Martinkevič (Grad_U)… Aleksandr Martinkevič is a DJ and Producer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He started his career at the age of 13 in 1997. After some time exploring electronic sounds and going deep into various kinds of music Grad_U begins playIng as DJ on public. He takes part IN many local parties and festivals. After some time just DJ’ing, Grad_U feels that he wants to do more, he wants to express himself through his own sound and later in the year 2001 he presents his first tracks in his DJ sets. As he goes deeper into creating and searching new sounds, the stronger his passion for creating music. As a result, in the 2005 he decides to close himself in his home studio and spends all his free time on advancing his own electronic sound, which we can hear today… (Edited, heavily) -Deepindub.org Profile. Links: www.facebook.com www.facebook.com soundcloud.com www.myspace.com dumblys.blogspot.com soundcloud.com www.facebook.com Turntable: Musical Life O/