SUBSET – ‘Series70’ EP

I dropped tracks from Subset’s previous release in this series and they went down a treat on the weekly show. If you liked the previous music you’re going to live #3!

Series70 by SUBSET is the third release on The Dub Factory. The third in a series of releases, “Series70” features six tracks of deep dub and chill at 70bpm.

SUBSET – ‘Series60’

The first release on the label and the first in a series of releases, “Series60” by SUBSET features five tracks of deep, minimal, glitchy dub at 60bpm.

Vocal samples, saxophone, violins, drums, bass lines and synths, all are treated with heavy layers of tape hiss, modulating reverbs and delays.

[Free Dub Techno Release] Subset – Deep Simplism EP

Subset is back on Deeptakt Records with his second release. But now it is completely for free! Enjoy this lovely deep Dub Techno EP!


1.Lecithitrope 07:43
2.Spacewalk 08:01
3.Wait Faster 08:33
4.Worlds of if 10:23