[Dub Techno Release] Sonitus Eco – Power Plant EP (Subself 026)

Maltese producer Justin Meli presents his new EP full of beautiful landscapes, deep rhythms and long-standing echos. Remixes from finnish Hannu Ikola (Etherwerks) and ukranian Vadim Griboedov (Trenton, Volt) could be described as different dance dimensions of Power Plant.


Sonitus Eco – The Beginning
Sonitus Eco – Power Plant
Sonitus Eco – Power Plant (Hannu Ikola Remix)
Sonitus Eco – Power Plant (Vadim Griboedov Remix)
Sonitus Eco – Spirals In Red Ochre

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[Release] Sonitus Eco & Emanuele Pertoldi – Techno For Breakfast EP

Really feeling the PCM remixes on this EP.

Malta and Italy have got some things in common: great artists and a poor electronic music scene. But two guys like Sonitus Eco and Emanuele Pertoldi don’t give up.
They joined their musical visions, creating an ep with two dub and techno tracks.
Coffee & Dub is an introspective and deep track, characterized by warm waves and dub chords. The second one, Tea & Techno, is more dance floor oriented without loosing the mental side.
In addition there are remixes from Pulse Code Modulation and Fabio Scalabroni!

Evasion Room Records


1. Coffee & Dub
2. Coffee & Dub (Pulse Code Modulation Remix)
3. Tea & Techno
4. Tea & Techno (Pulse Code Modulation Remix)
5. Tea & Techno (Fabio Scalabroni Remix)


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Dub Techno Essential Mix by DJ RoyalVic (Artkatakomba, Budapest, Hungary) – 19.09.2011

Dubtechno essential by royalvic

This set was played by DJ RoyalVic in Artkatakomba, Budapest, Hungary 19 September 2011. It is a tribute to all dub techno and deep, intelligent, moody techno producers out there. Enjoy!

RoyalVic was born in Budapest where his musical interest registered initially in his teenage years in classical music both singing and playing the trumpet. Later, one of the first vinyl shops in central Budapest called Listen! and a group of friends there drew his attention to electronic music. He moved to London to pursue his carrier after finishing university in Hungary where he started mixing and became inspired by the production of Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Ramadanman, Flying Lotus, Scuba and others. He is now spinning deep, intelligent techno, house music and lo-fi experimental.


Andy Stott – Execution
Sodeyama – Abyss (RRyo Murakami remix)
Vladislav Delay – Tummaa
Roger Gerressen – When We Were Young [Original Mix]
Sonitus Eco – Zapatista Dub
Murcof – Memoria
Sonitus Eco – Martinique Sunset
Zoltan Solomon – For The Girls Who Died Last Night
Quantec – Reflective Moments
Alexander Kowalski – Reset
Rob Velasquez – Changing Winds
Deepchord – Grandbend (Remastered Mix)
DeepChord Presents Echospace – Abraxas
Echoton – GibDeBudda
Burger/Ink – Elvism 2010
Gennaro Molino – Orion
Van Myke – Undertow
Van Myke – Mandragora
Koalips – Photon
Koalips – Meson
Koalips – Boltzmann Costant

[KOSMO 079 EP] Sonitus Eco – The Glacier Series EP

Type: EP
Genre: Ambient concept
Tracks: 3
label: KOSMO Netlabel

[KOSMO 079 EP] Sonitus Eco – The Glacier Series by kosmo netlabel

1. Sonitus Eco – Glacier pt1 11’30
2. Sonitus Eco – Glacier pt2 8’44
3. Sonitus Eco – Glacier pt3 7’12