[Soundtrack] SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – TheWhereBetweenYou&Me

In celebration and thanksgiving for the latest addition to the SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL crew – our newest junior bubbler to run come bless up the Dance, the inimitable invincible Young Pow-Wow, we hereby present the listening massive with dis ya FREE musical excursion!

When neither the illusory Here
Nor the unfathomable Hereafter
Provide safe harbour;The seeker has no place to turn
but TheWhereBetween

And through it all : A solitary prayer;
A broken record loop-like chant for deliverance
One foot in oblivion; Hanging by a thread of Hope

In Offeration and Dedication to You,
the One, the Eternal, of whom all things Are
Give thanks and praise each and every hour!




TheWhereBetweenYou&Me is the dubwise sequel to
TheCallFromBelow; part two combination excursion style
By special request and public demand, it is now yours for free!

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[Release] SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL presents The Call From Below

It may sound strange coming from someone who loves dub techno, but on a whole I haven’t really found most the old skool dub tracks that engaging when listening to them, I always feel they are missing something. The first track I heard from the album was “InVoiceDub” and, being honest as I usually am, I wasn’t really feeling the track or the whole “re-visited-back-to-the-roots” style. I’m glad however that I listened to a few more tracks from this album as I was surprised to hear the more familiar sounding chords, echos and delays that have made me grown to love the dub techno sound so much.

Seekersinternational has really pulled off this style in the album. Managing to combine old and new sounds to create a very deep, hypnotic sound.

Somewhere at the junction between night and day, we find seekersinternational plunged into deeper rub-a-dub territory engulfed in the hazed light; trudging on by a faint ember of promise; hearts smoldering; echoes of an ancient cry.

Digitalis aren’t known for their dub affections, but SeekersInternational’s ‘The Call From Below’ is a choice pick for this always-interesting imprint. Coming from an unknown soundsystem posse, it sounds something like Rhythm & Sound meeting Actress and Vladislav Delay for a knockout zoot round Pole’s place; essentially a destroyed dub session of the finest calibre, with initial copies coming to you on purple wax.



1. TouchRiddim 05:40
2. DropletsRiddim 05:35
3. StopMotion 02:37
4. InVoiceDub 05:36
5. LargeItUp (version 2) 01:14
6. HumbleWe 05:59
7. PlungedLightRiddim 05:03
8. AllWaysDub 05:15
9. EvenThough (edit) 04:58


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