[Mix] Thrumcast 003 – Robin Would

Thrumcast 003 mixed by Cape Town based … Robin Would. 

Robin is nothing less than one of the finest connoisseurs of deep house and dub techno in Cape Town, and as a DJ and a listener, pretty much everyone loves him. He has played in nearly every “non-commercial” venue in Cape Town, and is no stranger to several fine UK gigs when he stayed there for 2 years (such as the Egg)… 

I wanted the mix to represent the night and what I would play. That’s why it’s focussed less on all the newest releases and more on my style of music.

Robin Would

It certainly does just that, and with enough crackle and pop to send any vinyl lover into blissful elation, it’s certainly one to stand up tall as proudly South African.


Douglas Grimm – Concentration
D_e – Deep In
Low Volume – DUBB
Low Volume – Palau
Cirkel – Cirkel 004.1
Wax – 50005A
Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
Lucianno v & Ignacio Sietetrece – Beby Bump (Martin Bellomo Acid Mix)
Substance & Vainquer – Immersion
CV313 – Infinit 1 (Remodel)
Textural Being – I Felt
Miles Sagnia –  Can We Heal Them?
STL – Dub Zero

Download Thrumcast 003 - Robin Would