Dark Grey – SilverDub (Quantec Remix)

Dark Grey – SilverDub (Quantec Remix) Taken from the EP, SilverDub (Toffler Music Entertainment 2011) | PRODIGIOUS | REMIX | Dark Grey is my great friend, Milton Diaz Navarro and he is from Barcelona, Spain. Milton’s Facebook: www.facebook.com The Remixer, Sven Schienhammer (Quantec, Monoaxial)… Sven Schienhammer grew up in the 80’s. Producing and remixing electronic music since 1995 first using hardware tools such as Rolands MC 505 and a 303 with some EFX tools. Now the studio is hardware and software in symbiosis. Using some oldschool synths from the 70’s and 80’s for the love of the Lo-Fi feeling of those machines! The sounds are digitized thoughts and emotions. Personal favourite styles in music include Detroit and dubby electronics, Deep House, Dub, Roots Reggae, drones, Ambient and some experimental stuff. He also releases music as Sven Schienhammer. (Edited) -Discogs. Quantec Links: www.myspace.com Website: www.svenschienhammer.de soundcloud.com www.facebook.com Toffler Music Entertainment Links: tofflermusic.official.fm www.digdis.de www.triplevision.nl www.facebook.com Video made using trakAxPC software. Website: www.trakax.com YT Channel with excellent tutorials: www.youtube.com

As If – Green

As If – Green Taken from the album, Transpose (Entropy Records 2011) | SHADOWS | Kenneth Werner (As If) is from Denmark. As If MySpace: www.myspace.com As If SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Kenneth Werner Website: www.kennethwerner.dk The Label, Entropy Records… Label founded by producer French DJ and producer David Ya. The entropy is defined as the amount of information needed to exactly specify the state of the system. This is because entropy represents the “potential for disorder” in a system… Entropy Records is a small independent label. Artists and partners involved in label releases are music passionate people aware of the fragile music market reality… Beyond this consideration, the Art does not stop until our artists will share thoughts through the music. Music styles are mainly electronic (Ambient, Downtempo, Dub Techno, Modern Classical…) and releases are versatile until they sound good! Feel free to contact us. Each release’s packaging is prepare with love to let the music inside glow. All releases are limited and hand numbered (excepted those from the reissue catalogue). (Edited) -Discogs. Links: www.entropy-records.com www.facebook.com Turntable: JVC QL-A5

Jauzas The Shining – Circle

Jauzas The Shining – Circle Taken from the album, Trame (MinimalRome 2009) | CHILLER | Romain Jauzas (Jauzas The Shining),

Sven Schienhammer – The Heliacal Risings Of Aldebaran

Sven Schienhammer – The Heliacal Risings Of Aldebaran Taken from the album, Altostratus Translucidus (BineMusic 2011) | GROOVE | Sven