Polygon Window – Quoth

Polygon Window – Quoth Taken from the EP, Quoth (Warp Records 1993) | RUN | ! | Richard D. James (Polygon Window, Aphex Twin)… Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), aka Aphex Twin, is an electronic musician described by The Guardian newspaper as “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music”. He founded the record label Rephlex Records in 1991 with his friend Grant Wilson-Claridge. -Discogs. The Label, Warp Records… Warp (Originally to be named Warped, but shortened for communication ease, and later expanded by the backronym We Are Reasonable People), owned and operated by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell (who sadly passed away in 2001), is one of the world’s most respected and loved electronic and experimental dance labels. After many years in Sheffield, they are now based in London. Joining the slew of attempts at selling music online, Warp is a first with providing high-quality variable bitrate MP3’s for sale, via Bleep.com, including exclusive tracks, samplings of forthcoming albums, and rarities. In winter 2005 the book ‘Warp’ by Rob Young was released as the first volume in the Labels Unlimited series. It gives a fully illustrated overview of the label’s history. -Discogs. The Video… Videos used are as follows: James Harris (A Bad Day): www.youtube.com Last One: www.youtube.com Damien Walters 2010 www.youtube.com The copyright holder of the three videos is, Damien Walters. No copyright infringement is intended. Damien Walters