Redshape – Dead Space Mix (Edit)

Video featuring Plan 9 From Outer Space (Edward D. Wood Jr. 1959) Some scenes have frozen and I have no idea why. Apologies if it spoils your enjoyment 🙁 Redshape – Dead Space Mix (Edit) Taken from the album, The Dance Paradox (Delsin | 80dsr/rds-cd1 | 2009) | DARK | Sebastian Kramer (Redshape)… Born in the depth of East Germany, Sebastian was always a strong believer that if things were to improve he would need to take it into his own hands. In early 1995 he started to experiment with basic music programs. Influenced by the Detroit Techno era in the early 90’s, Sebastian formed his own interpretation of this vision, a reflection of the culture and surroundings he grew up in. He set about to produce music and to DJ professionally. The year 2000 saw Sebastian’s first vinyl achievement, his 4 tracker Instant EP was released on his own label Content (CNT#00A). This very limited release was enjoyed by many and had heavy rotation in the DJ sets from artists as renowned as Jeff Mills… More records were soon to follow in 2001 and 2002… respectfully LOCH 06 and 08. Sebastian soon got back to work on his own label for the next release (CNT#00B – again strictly limited). Current releases on Pure Plastic, Coda Records, Mainout and even his own Content imprint pushed the name – Sebastian Kramer to advanced listeners around the globe. Played by Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Claude Young, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho and Steve Bicknell, Sebastian’s music is more than well