[CD Release] Narcotic 303 – Second World LP (DIDCD​-​005)

DeepInDub are having an excellent 2013. Putting out so many quality releases. This one is no different and features 8 superb tracks from Narcotic 303.

And check out the lovely packaging for this CD release

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I’m thrilled, to present you this masterpiece cd… this album prove the music genius is Narcotic 303 !!

All the tunes are powerfull and take to the limit of deep dubtechno, with amazing armonies and creative basslines…

Deep sonic soundscapes mingle with dub basslines to create massive moments. Nostalgic moments from second world tunes come back to me but in a warm, lush, dubby melodies.

This album will feel like an extension of the trip on the dance floor. A magical journey built on the moods and concepts of dubby music, to perfectly complement each other into another whole.

Listened to a song one after the other, you’ll enjoy a unique experience, and always different, that never tires, but it involves so much that you need to listen in loop mode… DOPE !

So click play, and let the journey begins…




01. Second World (Intro) ( 06:33 )
02. Fauna ( 09:09 )
03. Tundra ( 07:50 )
04. Grasslands ( 08:36 )
05. Mountain ( 07:38 )
06. Deserts ( 09:07 )
07. Rainforest ( 06:43 )
08. Aquatic (Outro) ( 07:38 )


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[Mix] Narcotic 303 – Tribute To Cold Tear Records

A TRIBUTE to COLD TEAR RECORDS – a netlabel from Lithuania !!!

This is the new s p i e l : f e l d – episode, compiled and mixed by @narcotic303 !

We love this mix !!!
Thank you so much, Alex !


About Narcotic 303:

Hi, I´m Alex (Narcotic 303). I was born 1982 in Cologne.
My love to Techno music starts really early in my life.
In 1992 I was flashed of the song “Das Boot” by U96.
A little later came “No Good” by Prodigy.
Of course I was a badass and the Thunderdome Compilations didn’t miss in my collection.
Over the years I’ve kept almost every style of Techno music.
Several years later, it was about 1994, I started producing.
I took my first steps in producing with a Fast Tracker 2 and learned the basic things in producing like composition and arrangement there.
The years went by and I changed to the popular music software “Reason 2.0”

My style is between Minimal and Dub-Techno.
In 2005 I started to DJing, first of all with software and in 2007 I changed to turntables and today I went back to software.
I worked as a DJ at several online radios.

I’m a friend of GEMA free music and 2009 I founded the netlabel “Gleichtakt Records”.
To get more information about that, please go to www.Gleichtakt.net .


01. SEN – Soul Rain
02. Brickman – Living in the Dark
03. Mikrokristal – Swampy Nights
04. Mikrokristal – Multiple Maya
05. Zzzzra – Maison Noire
06. Vytis – Skala
07. Quantec – Contemplation
08. Slownoise – Orca
09. Iminazole – Hotel Shinosaka
10. Moonwalker – Stranger
11. Brickman – Cold Inside
12. Minimal Boffin – Surfacant
13. Minimal Boffin – V-Code
14. Optical Frameworks – Senecia

all tracks for free download here:

Download Narcotic 303 - Tribute To Cold Tear Records (155.1 mb)

[Release] Narcotic 303 – Stairway to the Moon

Narcotic 303’s new album (which is also his first) features 8 tracks of spaced-out dub techno. You really get the feeling of being somewhere distant, far away from this earth. Tracks are filled with an empty abyss similar to that of space and it really comes together well to create this feeling of exploring the empty black abyss of space and it’s what I feel Narcotic 303 was trying to put across in the album.


1. Neptun
2. Secret Of Angels
3. Stairway to the Moon
4. Red Planet
5. Zeitgeist
6. Cloudless Sky
7. Stars
8. Dark Atmosphere

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