Martin Schulte – Spring Aroma [Slow 003]

Slow Beauty present third single “Spring aroma” by prolific  deep/dub techno producer Martin Schulte immersed in deep bass, slow rhythms, spring atmospheres, echo chords, harmonic structures associated us with spirit of Spring. Recommended to all fans of aquatic and echo chords manipulation.

Martin Schulte – Quiet Street [slow002]

One of my favourite releases from Martin has been re-mastered on vinyl. The track ‘Same Days’ is one of my all time favs!

Slow Beauty presents the second EP by Martin Schulte. “Quiet Street” is your soundtrack for early morning after party and lonely city night. Deep bass, warm kicks, metallic chords and subtle nuances. This is a must have for all fans of echo and slow techno.

Martin Schulte – Depths [Slow001] (OUT NOW 180 gram vinyl)

“Slow beauty” begins series of vinyl releases immerse audience in unforgettable journey. Musical guide of your trip is Martin Schulte one of the most innovative deep techno producers of today. Deep music from the depth of soul, it is that you need know before put the needle to this record!

[Mix] Martin Schulte live @ l’epilogue Warehouse702 (Tokyo) – 22.11.2012

God damn you Tokyo and your amazing lineup’s! And lol at the crazy female fans you can hear during this set. Martin absolutely killing it on this set

martin schulte live act @ l'epilogue Warehouse702 Tokyo 22 11 2012 VIDEO


Download Martin Schulte live @ l'epilogue Warehouse702 (220.63 mb)