[Free Dub Techno Release] Low Orbit Satellite – IAC EP

3 track EP from L.O.S., not to be missed. Check out more of their sounds here.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Crystalline.




Download Low Orbit Satellite - IAC EP

Low Orbit Satellite: We Love You

This is an appreciation post for Low Orbit Satellite.  I have been blown away over the last year or 2 by the quality and quantity of tracks L.O.S. give away for free as well as their commercial releases.

I feel L.O.S. deserve some sort of recognition because I rarely see them being featured, reviewed or mentioned on the blogosphere, nor do I see many of their tracks included in podcasts or mixes. To me, they are one of the (many) un-sung heroes in the dub techno community. Quietly moving along leaving an amazing archive of deep/dub/ambient tracks in their footprints.

Just take a look on their bandcamp page to see how much amazing music they have for free.  All EP’s have the ‘Name Your Price’ option so as always I implore anyone taking a liking to these tracks to send a few $$ to show your support.

Below you can see all their current EP’s available for download, have a listen and see what you think.

If you like some tracks, donate, download, share them and most of all enjoy the music 🙂


Frozen Bomb EP

Twelve EP

Raw Forms EP

Still Motion EP

Shuttle Dubs EP

Objects In Space EP

Expands EP

Somnia EP

Bulb EP

Sonic Science EP

Imprints EP

2010 EP

_unrelated EP