[Free Dub Techno Release] Liquom – SUmmER 14;41 E.P (KPL020)

Beautiful dub techno from Liquom.


1. SUmmER 14;41 (Original)

2. SUmmER 14;41 (Liquom new edit)

3. SUmmER 14;41 (Liquom mix)

4. SUmmER 14;41 (Jocknof mix)

Written and produced by Alvaro Perez

Mastered by Alvaro Perez

Cover by Erhtouch

Download Liquom – SUmmER 14;41 E.P

[Free Release] Liquom – Sintetico

I was captivated after hearing the first 5 seconds of the first track on this album, the pads in this album….WOW. If you like deep, organic pads then you are in for a real treat with this album. Throughout most of the album you are treated to tracks filled with pads of cloud-floating beauty, things just went deeper and deeper the further I listen.  Liquom (Álvaro Pérez) is an artist I haven’t come across before today.  Thankfully I was pointed in the right direction by Substak who also features on a few very nice remixes on this album. not a single bad track on this album, and because of that it gets our Dub Techno Approved Stamp.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Sintetico#1.


1. Sintetico (Original)
2. Sintetico#1
3. Sintetico (SUBSTAK Atmo Remix)
4. Sintetico#2
5. Sintetico#3
6. Sintetico (SUBSTAK Remix)
7. Sintetico#4
8. Sintetico#5
9. Sintetico#6
10. Sintetico (Atmo Remix)
11. Sintetico#7


Download Liquom - Sintetico (147.3 mb)

Also check out the mix from Substak that he recorded especially for this release