Owen Ni – Hallucinations (Incl G.R.I.T. Remix)

Underground Dub Tech style for those who know..

This track and the remix both have stayed unreleased for about a year and are now being released on Run On Recordings.

1.Hallucinations (Original Mix) 08:15
2.Hallucinations (G.R.I.T. Remix) 06:49

[Vinyl] G.R.I.T. – Closure EP (ROHS​!​02​/​12″)

It a pleasure to see a new G.R.I.T. release in 2014. Closure EP is a limited 100 copy 12″ vinyl release from Rohs! Records. It features 2 beautiful tracks. ‘Closure’, starting off very minimal builds into a deep, hypnotic pad and chord rhythym. ‘Prestige’ sounds much more analog and club orientated and something quite different from the usual (always excellent) GRIT releases.


a1. Closure 08:32
b1. Prestige 08:32

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[Release] G.R.I.T. – Expanse (The Remixes)

Another stupendous release on Entropy Records comes in the form of a remix project of G.R.I.T.s’ Expanse LP.  A stunning 18 remixes are available on this release from artists such as Grad U, Yagya, Gradient, Mr Cloudy, Textural Being and many more!

The album is available in limited (100 copies) goldfinger vinyl design cdr’s which you can see below and also in digital formats .mp3 & .flac.



1. The Furthest Outpost (Octal Industries Reconstruction)
2. The Furthest Outpost (Gradient Remix)
3. Marianas Trench (Quantec’s Nightshade Remix, Live Cut)
4. Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix)
5. Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix)
6. Expanse (Liquid Level ‘Dub Below’ Remix)
7. Neon Aura (Alteria Percepsyne Remix)
8. Neon Aura (Man-Machine-Interface By The Nautilus Project)
9. Expanse (Yagya Remix)
10. cv313 ‘Expansion’
11. Expanse (Sage Taylor Remix)
12. Endless Waves (Arc Of Doves Remix)
13. Marianas Trench (Mr. Cloudy’s Revise)
14. Expanse (Grad_U Reconstruction)
15. Mind Mapping (Mind Over MIDI ‘Re Mind Mapping’ Remix)
16. The Furthest Outpost (Octex ‘Radio Interference’ Mix)
17. The Furthest Outpost (Overcast Sound Remix)
18. The View From The Trieste (Axs Sundown Version)


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[Release] GRIT – As I Look To The Sky From The Surface Of The Water EP (Meanwhile Records 022)

With a title like that you know G.R.I.T. was on a mission to make this EP deep. I’m hoping we will see a digital release of this sometime soon. This is a double 12″ vinyl featuring 6 beautifully crafted dub techno tracks. 5 tracks taking up high above the clouds with 1 more minimal/dark track (Safer Retreat) that keeps a nice balance across the EP. This is an essential purchase and gets the Dub Techno Approved stamp.

Oh and if you are wondering where the beautiful image I used for this blog post is from well it’s from an anime with a similarly long title called “Children who chase lost voices from deep below” and it is, without-a-doubt, the most beautiful anime I have ever seen. I highly recommend you to watch it.


1. As I Look To The Sky From The Surface Of The Water
2. TTX-E2
3. Sodium Vapour
4. Safer Retreat
5. Clouded Horizon
6. Evoke


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GRIT – Drifting From The Bay [Unreleased]

GRIT – Drifting From The Bay Thanks to Mr. Brackley for this beautiful track! 🙂 | SUBLIME | G. Brackley (GRIT, Grit) is from London, UK. GRIT SoundCloud: soundcloud.com GRIT MySpace: www.myspace.com Video made using trakAxPC software. Website: www.trakax.com YT Channel with excellent tutorials: www.youtube.com