Variant – Vortexual [tape sessions] series collection

This release features the sonic worlds of variant’s “vortexual” tape session series (all 8 editions are included) which has never been available in digital format. An expansive collection of all the developments which took place over the course of 4 years of recording this epic project. The sound design and vast array of analog circuitry illuminates these recordings with an ocean like depth, diving deeper than some of the original releases.

Radius – Interpolation tapes [restoration one]

In prelude to this year’s Movement Festival [Detroit], Echospace is proud to announce a brand new, three-part project culled from sounds created nearly 20 years ago. Radius’s “Interpolation Tapes” (Restoration One) is the first part in a series of three releases featuring future classics from the vault of Stephen Hitchell’s (cv313/echospace/intrusion) Radius project, a rich analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit, Techno City. The music stems from cassette recordings conducted from 1994-2001 with nothing but analog/digital hardware, no computer in sight. The Radius project has been virtually absent since the final vinyl release in 2001, the first 12″ appearing in 1996 (limited white label run of 100 copies pressed at Acme pressing in Canada) after revisiting these works we realized there was truly some magic here which came to form with a double CD album, “Obsolete Machines” back in March, featuring beautiful reworks and reshapes from cv313. These were also part of the original tape sessions for a project initially sent to Rod Modell & Mike Schommer (for consideration for release on their brilliant deepchord imprint) back in 2001. Given their imprint was a home for their own personal recordings, this entire project has never seen the light of day. This work has been collecting dust in our cassette rack for nearly 20 years now and we’ve finally brought it all back to life.

Radius – obsolete machines [w​/​cv313 reshapes]

The entire album has been painstakingly restored from 20 year old cassette tapes, not an easy task but with alluring sonic results. Remastered using Apogee convertors and analog tape to preserve the integrity of the original masters. 2XCD set packaged in eco friendly digipak case with custom metallic artwork, housed in a resealable poly sleeve.

An unreleased classic from the vaults emerges with beautiful reshapes by cv313 (recorded and reshaped from 2007-2016) This is where the sound of cv313 was realized, culled from cassette tapes recorded live (1995-2000) with nothing but analog/digital hardware, no computer in sight (excluding our Commodore 64 midi sequencer, which is still alive and well today). The radius project has been absent since the final release in 2001, the first 12″ appearing in 1996 (limited white label run of 100 copies pressed at Acme pressing in Canada) after revisiting these works we realized there was truly some magic here. This project was initially sent to Rod Modell & Mike Schommer shortly after they launched their brilliant deepchord label in 2001. They were incredibly kind in saying it was the best demo they had ever heard and passed it on to Octal records for release, sadly, that didn’t materialize and since then these masters have been collecting dust in our cassette rack for nearly 20 years now. We’ve spent months doing our best to restore the old tapes from our Tascam 688, an 8 track cassette recorder purchased and abused since 1992 and to our ears still sounds quite impressive even by modern standards. (that is of course, if you can get past the tape hiss) We’ve had nearly every component replaced and re-calibrated to bring this obsolete machine back to life, it’s been a truly nostalgic experience re-visiting these masters.

We truly hope you enjoy reliving these magical times of music, very inspired by all that was happening in those years, there was just something in the air, an undeniable energy, long may it live on…

echospace Bandcamp Live!

They have added a few new releases with some unreleased goodies and live mix’s.  Check out their bandcamp page below.


Echospace Bandcamp

Echospace on Bandcamp – Coming Soon!

Thanks to HTCIS for the heads up on this.

Echospace official bandcamp site going live in 1 week, the entire catalog along with unreleased content going live, mail order system setup and in place. The final archival edition of deepchord should also be landing!

Steven Hitchell

Taken from Steven’s facebook page, looks pretty special to me!

[Mix] Submerge – All Echospace Mix – 2009

All Echospace Mix.

Like a Deep Space mix with beats thrown in, this mix takes in Techno, Dub Techno, Dub, Reggae, Ambient and all things in-between.  All tracks drawn from the Echospace label.



1. Intrusion – Love in Lo-Fi
2. Model 500 – Starlight (Echospace Mix)
3. Deepchord – Untitled
4. Echospace – Sonorous (Intrusion Dub)
5. Intrusion – Intrusion (CV313 Reduction)
6. Echospace – Sonorous (Variant Reshape)
7. Echospace – OBMX
8. Intrustion – Tswana Dub (Brendon Moller Beat Pharmacy Mix)
9. Pulshar – Nospheratu (Sven’s Dub)
10. Intrusion – Kingston’s Burning Dub
11. Deepchord presents Echospace – Sunset
12. Sons of the Dragon – Evolution (SAN MI)
13. Sons of the Dragon – Journey (QUI NIU)

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Submerge - All Echospace Mix (134.76 mb)

Convextion – Miranda (Deep Chord Remix)

DeepChord is two seperate words on this release. No bitching! 😉 Convextion – Miranda (Deep Chord Remix) Taken from the EP, Miranda (Remixes) (Matrix Records [Detroit] 2007) | DC | DUB | Gerard Hanson (Convextion, ERP, ERP) Gerard Hanson was born in 1972. He hails from the unlikely environments of Dallas, Texas USA. Little is known about this producer who seems to have Scandinavian roots. His productions have reflections with Basic Channel/Chain Reaction sound. His main inspirations are Juan Atkins and Derrick May. His music also has influences from Stefan Robbers, Red Planet and Carl Craig. He found a way where everything came together: Deepness, Minimalism and Soul, the Detroit-Berlin connection. In 1994 Gerard Hanson and Dan Kurzius started Hardsync, a Magazine dedicated to electronic music reviews and artist interviews. It has been defunct since 1996 as a result of a computer crash. Hard Sync was an outlet for several Texas-based electronic music enthusiasts to reach out to others around the world that shared similar musical interests. He released his first 12″ in 1995. Ever since his debut 12″ on Matrix in 1995. From 1995-1997, he released 5 EPs, and then only 2 more in the next 6 years until 2005. The reason he produced so infrequently was because when his first releases came out, the tracks were licensed to some big releasers and he did not get paid for them. After that some other labels approached him but just wanted more of the same and didn’t really seem to

DeepChord – Vantage Isle (cv313 Reduction)

DeepChord – Vantage Isle (cv313 Reduction) Taken from the album, Vantage Isle Sessions (echospace [detroit] 2008) | D | C | DANCER | Rod Modell & Mike Schommer (DeepChord)… Compared often to the works of Maurizio (Moritz Von Oswald) or the Basic Channel releases, the humble composers Rod Modell and Mike Schommer offer a unique blend of dubby beats, crisp static, synthetic analog grooves, and of course lots of deep chords! Its worth noting that DeepChord is now only Rod Modell. (Edited) Rod Model… Rod Modell is a sound designer / electronic music producer from the Detroit area. Began producing music in the mid-80’s using analogue synthesizers and drum machines. To date (July 2007), Modell has about 60 releases to his credit. Rod’s work was focused on elecrto-acoustic experimentation in the early years, making musique concrete compositions with a 4-track cassette machine and field recordings, then branching into industrial soundscape work. More recent recordings utilize more structure and beats, but still retain the atmospherics that Modell is known for. Mood is of paramount importance in a Rod Modell recording (often created with field recordings). Sadly, this element seems to be lost in much of the clicks+cuts DSP music of today. One of Modell’s favourite pastimes is making middle-of-the-night recordings with his portable DAT machine and dummy-head microphone. In the mid-90’s, Modell started Deepchord Records (w/ Mike Schommer) in Detroit, as an outlet for