Various – Dub Like Air Volume 1 (DDR015)

Dub Like Air Vol. 1 is a multi-artist project built around a simple concept – collaboratively creating sounds culminating in a complimentary but unique track.

We started the project by deciding on a key and tempo (100 bpm and Dm), then each artist created a set of loops and sounds (drums, synths, bass, pads etc) without the idea of a full track in mind. We then shared the full set of sounds and created our own unique tracks using nothing but sounds from the pack – additional effects and manipulation are ok, but no additional synths or sounds.

The result is a journey of 9 unique tracks, revealing each artist’s creativity and style.

BMinor – Deep Forest (DDR014)

Yes we are on Bandcamp and yes we are now releasing commercial releases. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The reason for moving is to better support the artists and this label.

I believe artists should be rewarded for their hard work and creativity. It is this reason that we will be releasing commercial releases on Drift Deeper. Don’t worry we will also still do the odd creative commons release but most will be commercial.

Our first release on Bandcamp is from BMinor. Deep forest music for deep drifting people!

Andreiclv – Cityscapes EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 013)

Drift Deeper Recordings 013 is here, This one has been years in the pipeline, thankfully Andreiclv eventually got back to me to give the approval for release. The tracks were beautifully mastered by our friend Evaldas at Cold Tear Records.

Some serious chilled people watching tracks on this release. Enjoy and share with your friends.

[Free Download] Drift Deeper Presents: Slow Living Volume 2 (DDR009)

We start 2014 with what is our largest project since we started Drift Deeper, over a year in the making. 34 tracks of beautifully crafted deep electronic music.

Thankyou to all the artist who contributed to this compilation. This really is something special and I’m sure you will agree when you listen to the tracks.

Enjoy, share and drift deep!

Big thanks goes to brks_rssll who gave permission to use his perfect photo for the cover.


Advanced Dreams – Alpha est Omega
Alexander Saykov – In Fake Colors
Brmuda – De Bjeum
Caldera – Hold
Digital=Divine – Emmachi
Ericcst – You’ll never walk alone in tokyo (Naoyuki Sasanami Redux)
Ex-citer – Candle
Giriu Dvasios – Jura
Glander – Vacuum (Live Version)
Gregory Teck – Lakeland Dub
Idealist – The Good Old Days
Ivanov – Grey Journey
Jozef Nemek – Deep Human Wisdom
Kris Dubinsky – Alvorna skrattar I gryningen
Lars & Gunnar Hemmerling – Laminim Trocken
Lefolk – Flotsam
Love Barve – Back To Basics
Lusi Mel – This That Deep Ish
MOSE – Deeper
Manji – Free
MicroG – Aquatic Warbler
Muonos – Sayingnothing
Niccolo Machiavelli – Frustration
OhmikRon – Krakophobik
Ohrwert – Thrust
P.W.F. – Magumera
Ramon Springer – Boston Lights
Roots In Space – Roots In Space
Ryo Ikeda – Forest Calling
Sircle – Floatation Tank
Subject – Reactions
Textural Being – Deep Reflection
Zander One – Drift Current
F.l.o. – Werra

Label: Drift Deeper Recordings ( – [ddr009]
Format: 34 × File, .wav, LP, 1,411 kbps
Released: 07 Junuary 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, Deep House, Ambient

Download Drift Deeper Presents: Slow Living Volume 2

[Free Release] Baumfreund – Dances With Trees EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 005)


It gives me great pleasure to release our 5th ep on Drift Deeper. Baumfreund is an artist who stood out to me for his ability to vary his style between dub techno, deep house and chillout. This ep feature 3 sublime tracks covering these genres.

Drift Deeper Recordings

The fantastic photograph is courtesy of David Schermann be sure to check out his portfolio for more abstractness.


01. Januarz
02. Herbstzeitlos
03. 80 kmh


Download Baumfreund - Dances With Trees EP (171 mb)

[Preview] Baumfreund – Dances With Trees EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 005)

3 sublime tracks from Baumfreund make up our 5th release on DDR.

The fantastic photograph is courtesy of David Schermann ( be sure to check out his portfolio for more abstractness


01. Januarz
02. Herbstzeitlos
03. 80 kmh

[Free Release] Miruga – Delaying Shadows EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 002)

As you may already know Drift Deeper Recordings is actually my own net label I setup to accompany this blog. I really hope to release more stuff from Miruga, he’s one of my fav artists at the moment.

The 2nd release on Drift Deeper Recordings comes from the very talented Japanese producer Miruga.

Ill keep it short, I don’t believe in waffling on, I let the music do the talking.

Drift Deeper Recordings


1. Walking Waves
2. Silver
3. Montage

The EP is available in 320kps .mp3 files


Download Miruga - Delaying Shadows EP (49.4 mb)

Label: Drift Deeper Recordings ( – [ddr002]
Format: 3 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Released: 04 June 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, Dub Ambient