Various Artists – 5 Years Part One EP [DIMBIV008]

In 2010 DimbiDeep Music initiated by Matthias Springer and Oliver Roos started with the first release “Morgennebel EP” by M. Rahn into a special journey of ambient and dub techno soundscapes, surrounded by a lot of delays, noises and reverbs.

[Release] Matteo Pitton – Old Railway Station (DimbiDeep Music)

DimbiDeep have become a stable in my music collection over the last year. This release, as they say themselves, is slightly diverging from their typical deep-dubby sounds to a more technoid style. Being a lover of deep and dub I’m obviously going to prefer their more deeper releases but this is still a good ep with a few elements that will please even the deepest of dub fans. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

The 9th single release on DimbiDeep Music just came up with Matteo Pitton, already know from Eintakt, forcing into a more technoid style than the regular DimbiDeep-Sound. Matteo is presenting 3 tracks with a very unique and experimental interpretation of dub techno based on massive dry kickdrums, surrounded by monotone percussive elements and epic noise-chords for generating a dark and sometimes depressive operating atmosphere. Take part in this abstract world of deep  gloomy sounds and rusty industrial flavours of an Old Railway Station.



1. Old Railway Station
2. Only 3 Hours of Sleep
3. Where Did I Put the Flowers

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DimbiDeep Files Mixed by Dimbidub – March 2012

DimbiDeep Music is the Imprint of Dimbidub born in 2010 and related to the real dub techno or dubtronica, which consists of electronic beats played in a downbeat manner. It can be much lower in speed than techno and is generally warmer than dance-oriented electronica. The labels sound is repetitive but rewards careful listener attention. Bulding soundscapes with a lot of delays, reverbs and very different, experimental created elements. The already seven Releases with artists like Matthias Rahn, Syncronize or f.l.o. gained alot of reputation on the labels sound within a few months and the next strikes are already in schedule. DIMBI008 will be released end of March 2012 with 3 great tracks by Narcotic303. The next steps after will be a release with Fingers in the Noise and the labels Album-Debut with Matthias Rahn. May the Dub be with you.


Narcotic 303 – Wind – DIMBI008

F.L.O. – Lack Of Oxygen – DIMBI002

M.Rahn – Froster – DIMBI001

Confusion Concepts – Connect (Model1975 Remix) – DIMBI003

Narcotic 303 – Aura – DIMBI008

Dimbidub – Tone 6 – DIMBI004

Dimbidub – Tone 5 – DIMBI007

Syncronize – HB004 – DIMBI006

Matthias Springer – Fingers on the Glass – DIMBI005


DimbiDub – Dub Tones EP Pt.2 (DIMBI007)

Part 2 takes us deeper into a winter abyss. Loving the ‘Special Tone’ track on this ep.

Its very important having some warm sound around in the cold wintertime, therfor we got the 2nd part of DimbiDub’s “DubTones” for you with Tone number 3 to 5 including a “Special Tone” representing a very unique style in forming innovative dub techno tunes, enjoy!



1 – Tone 3
2 – Tone 4
3 – Tone 5
4 – Special Tone


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Matthias Springer – Chronometry EP [DIMBI005]

Matthias Springer gives his debut on DimbiDeep Music with the “Chronometry EP”. The aim was to create some timeless sound just for listening and floating away with that special touch of chilled elements. It could be a kind of minimal dubtechno just using some spaced out chords, soft kickdrums, low basslines and some decent percussions. “Chronometry” itself takes the sunny side of music and “Dimbiland” instead the more darker one with a delightful and epic acidsynth. “Fingers on the Glass” wasn´t named like that without any good reason, if you listen that special sound you´ll check that it was made just with some wet fingers on half-filled wine glasses. The last track “Timeline” was created together with ACME_Jane and brings in that gentle “tick-tock” of an old clock hanging on someones kitchenwall.

DimbiDeep Music

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[DIMBI005] Matthias Springer – Chronometry EP by dimbideep

Released by: DimbiDeep Music
Release/catalogue number: Dimbi005
Release date: Oct 6, 2011