[Free Release] Digital​=​Divine – Interstellar Veins (DeepInDub 081)

Fresh sounds from D=D

Hi peeps,

I’m very glad to present you Digital=Divine, with his latest production for us : Interstellar Veins.

With this mini album, Digital=Divine share his sonic talents through the dubtechno sounds and structures on it.

Prepare yourself to listen dubtechno mixed in the right way with new rhythms and sounds… deep & smooth and aggressive @ same time !

Timeless structures will capture your mind from the first listening, to take you by the hand into a magical world full of positive

energy at the same time.

Enjoy this summer gift 2013, directly form Digital=Divine located in Kyoto, Japan !!!

Deep In Dub

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Deeper Suspension.


1.Interstellar Veins
2.Dimensionless Life Form
3.Deeper Suspension

Download Digital​=​Divine - Interstellar Veins

[Free Release] Various Artists – Xmas Dub [Deep In Dub 078]

Seeing as I only got underwear for Xmas this year (seriously 3 pairs of pants that was it -_-) this is my fav xmas present this year. So thankyou Deep In Dub and all those involved in making this very special xmas gift.

A special gift for all of you dub techno music lovers !!!

Eight tracks, eight different stories, eight different artists, for one hour of dub techno music!

A compilation vaporous signed deepindub!

Merry Christmas to All – Deep In Dub Netlabel

Deep In Dub


01. Krisz Deak – Simple Life
02. Giriu Dvasios – Linguoja
03. Christoph Schindling – Terraforming
04. Ignacio Tardieu – Serotonina
05. Markus Masuhr – Shifted Modulars
06. Matias Bagato – A7 (Filter Mix)
07. Rob Velasquez – Echo Play
08. Zoltan Solomon – Bethlehem


Download Various Artists - Xmas Dub (177 mb)

[Free Release] Ignacio Tardieu – The Day Before EP (Deep In Dub 076)

Deep In Dub’s new release featuring 6 tracks from a newcomer to the dub techno scene of 2012, Ignacio Tardieu. One of the first tracks I heard from Ignacio was the Dubber track and immediately knew this was someone I was going to be following. His tracks are always heavily filled with deep chords, and let’s face it, if you don’t like chords, why are you even listening to dub techno in the first place.

Hi peeps… December is arrived !!! I have the pleasure to present you this time a new artist for the deepindub family: Ignacio Tardieu.

He join the label with this “The Day Before”, one album, takes a healthy slab of dub delays, a generous slice of techno pulses, a pinch of minimal atmospheres, with an infusion of deep dub techno and blends them together to form an incredible dub techno album !!!


01. Ignacio Tardieu – Black Noise ( 9:03 )
02. Ignacio Tardieu – Caleta ( 6:37 )
03. Ignacio Tardieu – Dubbably ( 8:03 )
04. Ignacio Tardieu – Rising ( 6:59 )
05. Ignacio Tardieu – Single ( 5:23 )
06. Ignacio Tardieu – The Day Before ( 6:38 )

Preview/Stream - Click Here


Download Ignacio Tardieu - The Day Before EP (140 mb)

[Mix] Fingers In The Noise – Set 4 don’t think #3 (Deep In Dub Podcast 057)

Superb set from FITN with another of his ‘Set 4 don’t think’ mixes. Also a personal thankyou from me for including a few of our tracks on Drift Deeper, it’s always nice to see others getting the same enjoyment of the music we release.

Damn… mr Fitn … this time blow me really away… so prepare the right situation before the first listen to this podcast ! You will thank me for sure !

A spcial podcast, this time mr fitn, show us usually her nice taste in selection of tracks, but in addiction, this time he used some samples, mixed in the right way on the whole mix !

Oh Yes … the maextro is back more strong than ever… and will capture your mind every time you will listen to this journey of dub, ambient dub, dub techno worlds !



01 – Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Sacrifice [4AD]
02 – Zzzzra – Pneuma (filtre lent) [ECc025]
03 – Mr Cloudy – Spring Age [EL.013]
04 – Ekoteknik – For Ayanami [DDR004]
05 – Deni Diezer – In the Noise of Arrhythmia [Soundcloud]
06 – Yan Olsen – Tidloshet [DDR004]
07 – DFRNT – Silent Witness [EDUBCD001]
08 – Purl Deflektion – Growing [DTR018]
09 – Textural Being – Algebra [CTR030]
10 – Esko Barba – Parhelia [SUB.REC.9]
11 – Loscil – Second Narrows [KRANK171]
12 – Fatih Tuter – Harmonia [Bandcamp]
13 – Arc Of Doves – Jupiter [AY001]
14 – Federsen – Stage One [ECD-SP08]
15 – Loscil – Khanahmoot [KRANK171]
16 – Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Sidechain [ORN023]
17 – DFRNT – That’s Interesting [EDUBCD001]

… and few field recordings by Fitn.

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Fingers In The Noise – Set 4 don’t think #3 (172 mb)

[Free Release] Mr Zu – Milieu (DeepInDub 074)

Last few release from DiD have been a little hit or miss for me, but the new ep from Mr Zu is DeepInDub back on form. Super spaced out soundscapes and chilled out chords fill up these tracks. Deep In Dub once again living up to their name.

Digital release on : bandcamp – junodownload – beatport – itunes (beatport and itunes on 14.Nov.2012)

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Euphorus.

Space environment with dub landscapes, will ravish you to bring in the nowhere place.
Different souls painted by the dub wizard mr zu !!!

Offered for free and digital download to support the label costs !




01 – Euphorus
02 – Moon Whirl
03 – The Dream
04 – Waters Edge


Download Mr Zu – Milieu (78.1 mb)

[Mix] Substak – Need To Dub (Deep In Dub Podcast 53)

Let yourself be soothed, gently transported in a dub techno paradise, painted by Substak !!!


1.Stl – Part 3
2.Maurizio Miceli – Somewhere
3.Monomood – Enhanced Variables(Vinyl Edit)
4.Unbroken Dub – Solaris
5.Fingers In The Noise – Black Idea
6.Andre Kronert – Hope
7.Cio D’Or – Ur
8.Matias Bagato – Some Dub(Ayqix’s Variation)
9.Paul Mac – Raw Basics 8(Cristoph Schindling Mix)
10.Spaceci – m2 Receptor

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Substak - Need To Dub (144.34 mb)

[Free Release] Zzzzra – Sumo – The Remixes (Deep In Dub 072)

Remixes from some of the biggest names in the scene today.


1 Sumo ( Original Mix ) 5:12
2 Sumo ( F.L.O. Remix ) 6:19
3 Sumo ( At Dawn ) 7:24
4 Sumo ( At Dusk ) 8:20
5 Sumo ( B Mus Dc Reshape ) 6:38
6 Sumo ( Digital Divine Remix ) 4:55
7 Sumo ( Textural Being Remix ) 8:26
8 Sumo ( Maurizio Miceli Ext Live Remix ) 17:29

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Zzzzra – Sumo - The Remixes (190 mb)




Mr Zu is back with this ep called Photosynthesis, featuring 4 dub techno tracks, to chill out your mind, relax and space out….

Enjoy this excellent work and thank to Mr Zu to be backed at home….


320Kbps MP3 Ogg Vorbis VBR MP3
North Facing 26 MB 4.66 MB 8.93 MB
South Facing 25 MB 4.25 MB 8.21 MB
Swaying Branches 26 MB 4.76 MB 9.16 MB
Undegrowth 26 MB 3.63 MB 6.33 MB


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