[Dub Techno Mix] ColtEP – Deep Afterhour Nr. 115

The new Episode is mixed by @coltep the Girl behind @spielfeld. Some smooth and deep Dub Techno music for some stress free moments.

ColtEP is a creative head, who was inspired by the style of the London underground techno in the 1990s.

Since 2004 she´s living in Berlin and loves playing electronic music in several location – especially in bars.

ColtEP is spiel:feld records´ head – a netlabel for deep electronic music. Please have a look here: spielfeld-records.de and discover the fine deep electrifying stuff of high-talented artists all over the world.


01. Yagya – Rigning Einn *** Sending Orbs
02. Urenga – Eclipse Seamount (Ohrwert Technoid Alter) *** Stasis Recordings
03. Sub.Made – Broken Storm *** Sublime Porte Netlabel
04. Mr. Cloudy – Increase *** Entropy Records
05. Adverb – Echolocations *** Dewtone Recordings
06. Aepiel – Shallow Ground (Nitz Remix) *** Retrospective Zoology
07. Sven Weisemann – Redux *** a.r.t.less
08. Desolate – Actaeon *** Fauxpas Musik
09. Federsen – Djembe Dub *** Silent Season
10. Sven Weisemann – Winter Tale *** Essays
11. Dublicator – Quantum State *** self-released
12. The Nautilus Project – Shades & Forms (Martin Nonstatic Remix) *** Confineless Recordings
13. Wenzel Mehnert – Paranoika (Biodub Remix) *** Dreiton
14. Yagya – As It Is *** Sending Orbs
15. G.R.I.T. – As I Look To The Sky From The Surface Of The Water *** Meanwhile

Download Deep Afterhour Nr. 115

Die Beringstraße (Deep Afterhour Podcast)

Die Beringstraße (Deep Afterhour Podcast) by Uncle

This mix describes the myth of the Beringstreet, where Asia and America come at their closest point together. Only a shallow stripe of the ocean separates the two vast continents. During the glacial period the first human beings passed the so called Beringian area to settle in America. Lean back and enjoy the trip.

Please have a look at here: Deep Afterhour