[Free Dub Techno Release] Vytis – Deepchord Avenue (Cold Tear Records 042)

Cold Tear graces us once again with a fabulous album. Vytis creates some very nice chilled dub techno for this album, with a slower, downtempo bpm bridging dub ambient and techno very nicely.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Enchanted Valley.


1. Enchanted Valley
2. Summer Haze
3. Deepchord Avenue
4. Deepchord Avenue Part 2
5. Cambodia
6. Alluring Aspects
7. Chill
8. Saturn
9. Mitas
10. Soundscape Song

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[Mix] Narcotic 303 – Tribute To Cold Tear Records

A TRIBUTE to COLD TEAR RECORDS – a netlabel from Lithuania !!!

This is the new s p i e l : f e l d – episode, compiled and mixed by @narcotic303 !

We love this mix !!!
Thank you so much, Alex !


About Narcotic 303:

Hi, I´m Alex (Narcotic 303). I was born 1982 in Cologne.
My love to Techno music starts really early in my life.
In 1992 I was flashed of the song “Das Boot” by U96.
A little later came “No Good” by Prodigy.
Of course I was a badass and the Thunderdome Compilations didn’t miss in my collection.
Over the years I’ve kept almost every style of Techno music.
Several years later, it was about 1994, I started producing.
I took my first steps in producing with a Fast Tracker 2 and learned the basic things in producing like composition and arrangement there.
The years went by and I changed to the popular music software “Reason 2.0”

My style is between Minimal and Dub-Techno.
In 2005 I started to DJing, first of all with software and in 2007 I changed to turntables and today I went back to software.
I worked as a DJ at several online radios.

I’m a friend of GEMA free music and 2009 I founded the netlabel “Gleichtakt Records”.
To get more information about that, please go to www.Gleichtakt.net .


01. SEN – Soul Rain
02. Brickman – Living in the Dark
03. Mikrokristal – Swampy Nights
04. Mikrokristal – Multiple Maya
05. Zzzzra – Maison Noire
06. Vytis – Skala
07. Quantec – Contemplation
08. Slownoise – Orca
09. Iminazole – Hotel Shinosaka
10. Moonwalker – Stranger
11. Brickman – Cold Inside
12. Minimal Boffin – Surfacant
13. Minimal Boffin – V-Code
14. Optical Frameworks – Senecia

all tracks for free download here:

Download Narcotic 303 - Tribute To Cold Tear Records (155.1 mb)

[Free Release] Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes (Cold Tear Records 032)

13 tracks from an aritst I have never heard before on Cold Tear’s new release….was I excited much….YES…..was I disappointed….NO!  There are some very nice tracks on this album.  Smooth and deep dub techno like Relief & Valley followed up with more detroit stuff such as Mandala.  Overall I really enjoyed this album

A dub techno album sometimes morphing into detroit techno or dub.

Cold Tear

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Valley.


1. Andromeda
2. Blue Sky, Black Wave
3. Closer
4. Continuum
5. Credo
6. Lab 31 Am Wasser
7. Mandala
8. Relief
9. Solaris
10. Some Miles
11. Speed Alpine
12. Valley
13. We Chant The Dub


Download Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes (116 mb)

[Release] Textural Being – Stories (Cold Tear Records 030)

Im really loving the artwork for this release, such wonderful, vibrant colours, oh and the music aint that bad either 😀

Seriously though Textural Being (as I’ve said countless times before) is one of the masters and one of my fav producers in this music. I don’t know how he manages to output such sheer quality month on month. Hats off again to you sir.

Cold Tear give you the very generous option to either download for free or buy a digital (via bandcamp) or cd copy. I will link you to the release page and let you decide for yourself.

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Fractal Beach.


1.Trajectory 06:32
2.Algebra 04:40
3.Lasers 05:24
4.Lighthouse 09:25
5.Raincloud 09:14
6.Telluric 06:06
7.Trajectory, pt. 2 08:11
8.Fractal Beach 06:48

Download or Buy

[Free Release] Vejopatis – Taskas EP (Cold Tear Records 026)

Top quality as you would come to expect from Cold Tear Records. Plenty of variety of deepness in this album, the folk singing works really well.  And remember this is available for free download but if you would like to support this great label please purchase a copy from one of the links here.

Deep and melancholic dub techno vibes, with some ancient Lithuanian folk singing, and beautiful soundscapes.

Cold Tear Records


1. Apejo Sauliute
2. Desperacija
3. Prieblanda
4. Pukas
5. Sauliute
6. Taskas
7. Vejas
8. Miesto Dangus
9. Taskas (Giriu Dvasios Remix)

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Vejopatis – Taskas EP (143 mb)

[Free Release] F.l.o. – Cryptic EP (Cold Tear Records)

Just doing a little bit of catching up from earlier in the year. This is another brilliant EP I seem to have missed, produced by F.l.o. and released on Cold Tear Records back in January (I wish you guys would let me know :D).


1. Acid Deposition 05:52
2. Untitled King 11:33
3. The Most Beautiful Person 07:01
4. Forever Yours 05:24
5. Unken 06:18
6. The Most Beautiful Place 05:50
7. Звук Невнимательный 05:26
8. Submerged 04:06
9. 400 km 06:04
10. Kryptisch 07:40
11. PrenzlBerg 05:39
12. Submerged (Giriu Dvasios Remix) 03:28


Download F.l.o. - Cryptic EP

SEN – Sensory Emotive Network LP (Cold Tear Records) – July 2011

SEN – Sensory Emotive Network LP (Cold Tear Records)

This is definitely a firm contender for one of the best releases so far of 2011.  A great mix of ambient, deep house and dub techno.  Every track will leave you with that warm feeling that you get from listening to lush dub techno chords. BEAUTIFUL!

Whole Item Format Size
SEN – Sensory Emotive Network (320kbps mp3) ZIP 140.4 MB
Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
01 Soul Rain 13.7 MB 3.5 MB
02 Skychords 25.6 MB 6.8 MB
03 We Now Understand 33.4 MB 10.5 MB
04 These Moments 15.5 MB 4.4 MB
05 Rebound 23.4 MB 6.1 MB
06 Never Before Again 16.0 MB 4.0 MB
07 Within Reach 20.0 MB 5.4 MB
08 Scuba Drift 15.7 MB 4.6 MB
09 Jem 9.7 MB 2.7 MB

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