[Release] Bjørn Rohde – Forgotten Hearts (DTR 024)

The title track of this EP is worth a post alone. Those of you who have heard Bjorn’s “Dubspehere” which was released on our own netlabel earlier in the year will appreciate the fine dub chords in this track. Dub Ambient at it’s best and Bjørn is one of the masters.

‘Drop into space’ and ‘I begin to float’ take a more chillout/ambient approach, with some very eerie, if somewhat soothing, bvdub’esque vocals feature in the latter track.

A very versatile EP showing us Bjørn is capable of creating not only his usual dub techno tracks.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Forest of Forgotten Hearts.


1. Forest of Forgotten Hearts
2. Drop Into Space
3. I Began To Float

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[Mix] Artefacts And Echoes 01

A new alias for Bjørn Rohde, I’m very excited to hear more from A&E.

This is my first mix as Artefacts & Echoes. It would be very great if you could like it a little bit. 🙂 I want to say !THANK YOU! to all the DUB artist for their very great work and also their friendship.

Enjoy the mix!
Drop me a mail for a download link.

Bjorn aka Artefacts & Echoes

Bjørn Rohde


01.Ignorance (Esko Barba Remix)- Ignorance
02.Radio (Zahlensender Remix) – Van Bonn
03.Du Bruit Derriere La Porte – Fingers In The Noise
04.sensitiv morning trip – Gabriel Le Mar
05.EV-3 – Grad_U
06.EV-5 – Grad_U
07.08 telescoping machine – Gabriel Le Mar
08. 01 – The New Tape Headz
09.Dubcreators – InsectO
10.Ice Halo – Aura Fresh
11.Lucid Dreams – Stojche
12.Retard Chronique – Le Futur – Vaincra Trucs Et Astuces – Zzzzra

[Mix] Bjørn Rohde – AAA Dub

New December mix from Bjorn Rohde.


Inner Impulses By Deni Diezer
Lasers By Textural Being
Arctic (Dub) By Vytis
Onwards I By Van Bonn
Palaven By Danke
Stations By Fluxion
Fourth Voyage By Brickman
Polydrafter By Atabey
Rhythm Obstruction By Brickman
Du Bruit Derriere La Porte By Fingers In The Noise
Radio (Zahlensender Remix) By Stefan Gubatz, Van Bonn
Urban Silence Iii Etrauh14 By Dub Taylor
Stainless Dub By Salz
Dubcreators (Insect O.S Striesen Redub) By Insect O., Helly Larson

[Release] Bjorn Rohde – Phsnrm/Drifter (Multi-Tap Records)

Bjørn has released two new tracks on his own independent label Multi-Tap this month.  Drifter is a very cinematic track that goes perfectly with the artwork. Phsnrm goes the complete opposite and is a more minimal techno experience.


Phsnrm (MTR020)
Drifter (MTR021)

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Multi-Tap Records (Bandcamp)

[Mix] Bjorn Rohde – Dub Night

Deep explorations with Bjorn Rohde. Be sure to check out his latest release.


01. The Eyes of Eternity – Kogyo
02. Brickman – Travel Day – Brickman
03. Ekranoplan (Redux Dub) – Zzzzra
04. Eigenleben (Marko Fuerstenberg Remix) – Dubsuite
05. Black Coffee (The Positronics Remix) – Lines
06. Mouche (Luke Hess RMX) – youANDme
07. Children Of Dub – 5A Maurizio Miceli
08. Finding Warmth In Space – Sonitus Eco
09. Stations – Fluxion -Fluxion
10. Eruption – Fluxion
11. Blue Deepness (TR808 Drum Machine Version) – Aura Fresh

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19th Studio Podcast 12 – Bjorn Rohde

Some killer tracks from Bjorn on this one.

June kicks off with another podcast from the 19th Spaceship. This time the general is the mighty BJORN ROHDE. From satellite.fm to sense.fm trough friskyradio.com, his work experience is just to vast to describe here. He has released on Drum Loop Digital and on his own imprint Multi-tap Records. His tracks are a regular presence on the 19th Studio Podcast series. Be ready for the high velocity journey:

19th Studio


01.Zwischenwelt – Matthias Springer
02.Birds Over Hong Kong_Marko (Furstenbergs The Peak Remix) – Insect O., Marko Furstenberg
03.mouche – youANDme
04.When the Night Fall featuring Ivan Bert- Federico Gandin
05.Rocas – Satore
06.Tataa – David Alvarado
07.Wind (Harry Hearing Remix) – Harry Hearing, eSWuA
08.Lines (Sonitus Eco remix) – Subforms
09.Motion – Fluxion
10.What’s your sleeper – Gabriel Le Mar


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Download 19th Studio Podcast 12 - Bjorn Rohde (160.50 mb)

[Release] Bjorn Rohde – Intentionally Gone

Sublime bit of ambient dub by Bjorn Rohde. This was released last month but completely missed my radar. I have to say thankyou to Etoka Records for mentioning it on twitter

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