[Free Release] Textural Being – Paix EP (Basic Sounds 022)

TB gave the track “Paix” away for free a few months back but I’m happy to see its made it’s way, with 2 other tracks onto a net label release.

Portland based producer Textural Being (aka Sage Taylor) has been composing for well over a decade and has appeared on numerous netlabels specializing in deep and chill electronica. Influenced by the Pacific Northwest, Textural Being’s stylistic approaches vary from deep ambient soundscapes to more immersive dubby techno. His main source of inspiration comes from nature and the rich beauty of his natural environment.

“Les Lucioles” (which translates to “the Fireflies”) is an infectious and grooving dub-techno track that seamlessly incorporates floating textures with deep chugging beats. “Nightshade” is a shimmering and immersive soundscape propelled forward by soft glowing chords, distant floating terrains and pulses. “Paix” closes the release with a hypnotically circulating minimal techno arrangement underpinned with padded bass and lush dub-infected chords.

Basic Sounds


Textural Being – Les lucioles
Textural Being – Nightshade
Textural Being – Paix

Download Textural Being | Paix - Lossless (371 mb)