Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions vol.2 EP (Chord Plaza Records)

Really love the idea behind this Modular Chord series. The tracks sound excellent and you get a real sense of live hardware in action.

The intention was simple: to catch that moment when a chord is being born from 4 voltage controlled oscillators. No fancy-trendy samples or fill-ins, mouse-drawn software envelopes or automated modulations in the tracks of this release. All tracks recorded live on hardware and as always in this EP series: no presets – these chords are also gone….

Aura Fresh


1.Dark Impression 10:54
2.Morning Impression 06:32
3.Sample n Hold Impression 13:21
4.Simple Impression 08:04
5.Fieldrec Impression 10:41

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[Dub Techno Release] Aura Fresh – Stellar Activity Cycles (digital+cd album)

After the limited cd release (100 copies) in 2012, Aura Fresh’ Stellar Activity Cycles album is available now in digital format. This album is focusing on different shades of dub+techno through dance-oriented tracks with classic dark chord themes to slower chilly dubby tunes. Aura Fresh is at his best!

I completely missed this album first time round, but I thank Aura Fresh for passing this along, it’s a very nice album and sounds just perfect on my system. Pure dub techno from start to finish with deep chords, tape hiss and nature recordings. I love this album and cant believe I missed it first time round.

[Live Mix] Aura Fresh full hardware live PA @ Lay-Up!, Akvarium Klub, 15-09-2013

This is how he does it! Aura Fresh is back with another full hardware live set. The band members: 1 man, 3 delay pedals, 1 sampler, 1 synth, 1 multi-fx, 1 mixer, 1 compressor.

Aura Fresh full hardware live PA set, recorded at Lay-Up! Sunday Special;  Akvarium Klub 15.09.2013.

Aura Fresh – Random Lfo Impression (forthcoming on Chord Plaza Records)

Aura Fresh – Random Lfo Impression [HD]

This is a live recorded track, the chords are tweaked from a 4 VCO modular system. Not much talking, let the analog magic speak.

Taken from the upcoming Modular Chord Impressions vol.1 EP [CPR007].

Audio&visuals by Aura Fresh.

[Release] Aura Fresh – Space and Time Continuum EP (Plus a free track!)

Chord Plaza Records offers a free Christmas track download from the new release: Aura Fresh – Space and Time Continuum EP.

Enjoy it and we wish a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Full release is available in the major download shops.

Aura Fresh


1. Space & Time Continuum (part 1)
2. Alien Spacekraft (Watch the video)
3. Ice Halo
4. Space & Time Continuum (part 2)
5. Space & Time Continuum (part 2 No Drum)

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Bonus Free Track

Download Aura Fresh - Space and Time Continuum (part 1) (22.14 mb)


[Release] Various – Hungarian Dub Tales LP

Hungarian Dub Tales features 11 tracks from some of Hungary’s top producers.

well after so many releases only once we stop discovering and take some focus on our beloved style and country: Dub Techno from Hungary!



1. Ohmikron – Standard
2. Khristian K – Summer Storm
3. Krisz Deak – Before Restarting
4. Kristoban – Ninth Camp
5. Specdub – Blue Forest
6. Dezur – Synthetic Light
7. Aura Fresh – Oceanarium
8. Banyek – Fixiert
9. Zoltan Solomon – Cuted
10. Angebot – Press Over What You Want
11. Wavebreakers – Reunite


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