[Dub Techno Release] As If – Travel EP

Travel includes tracks made by As If between February 2013 and February 2014. Very dreamy and floaty dub techno, some lovely chords in this, love it!

Highly recommended release, have a listen.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Trip 2.

As If – At Night LP (U-Cover Cdr Limited)

Great LP coming from As If for his first 2012 release.  Beautiful combinations of ambient atmospheres, field recordings and dub techno beats.

Kenneth Werner from Bornholm a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, created during his free nighthours a dub and ambient orientated album. During most of 2011 he work on several tracks and together with u-cover he selected 7 tracks that became this excellent ‘At Night’ album. Minimal floating ambient and dub tracks mixed with local taken fieldrecordings. Excellent soundtrack for the dark hours.


Preview/Stream - Click Here


Buy from U-Cover (€ 9.50)

As If – Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]

As If - Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]

Enigmatic is probably the perfect word to describe this new release on ZeECc. Composed in Denmark by Kenneth Werner, this ‘Silent Elevation‘ is build in 4 parts with massive ambient influences. This very quiet EP unifies various atmospheres for pleasure of our ears: from ambient to techno, from dub to house, …

Filtered pads, deep bass and long breaks are the favorite elements of this artist, and they are so nicely used during nearly 30 minutes. And there is no exceptions here, even if ‘Silent Elevation 2‘ is a little bit stronger than the other tracks, a techno masterpiece for all lovers of Steve Rachmad‘s sounds. All other tracks are full of emotions and they go to show that it’s a real artist here, a strong composer but a good painter too, because he also makes the artwork of his own release.

As If – Silent Elevation EP [ZeECc038]