Zzzzra – Tlon

Zzzzra – Tlon Taken from the album, Message For Extraterrestial Live (Area 512009) | DREAD |Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra)…. Alexandre is from France and is a producer of electronic music…… This is part of an interview for DeepInDub: “My name is Alexandre Lehmann and Zzzzra is the name of my main music project. I have been producing electronic music since the late 80’s. During that time I was working in my adolescent bedroom, using a brand new Roland D-20, creating stupid love songs without lyrics. I then moved to the living room when I finally grew up and sold all my gear – except for my mighty Nord Modular – to focus on creating music with a computer. Thats about the only big difference in my producing modus operandi since then. Well, except that now I’m a drug addict, but thats another story. I like to wear slippers when I’m producing music, but sometimes its a bit warm out there so I have to go barefoot. I have the feeling that Im more creative when I have a beard. When I shave, everything goes wrong I often drink bottles of soda (with a lot of sugar in it) that are just above my keyboard. This occasionally means big trouble!! Sometimes I have to work on a track for 10 hours straight with no pause (because I always forget to have a break) and then I get bed sores on my ass.” (edited) Zzzzra has released EP’s on numerous (net-)labels like Schall-netlabel, Deepindub and Biomechanics. Trying to describe his sound with only a few words: repetition, difference, echo

Dark Grey – SilverDub (Quantec Remix)

Dark Grey – SilverDub (Quantec Remix) Taken from the EP, SilverDub (Toffler Music Entertainment 2011) | PRODIGIOUS | REMIX | Dark Grey is my great friend, Milton Diaz Navarro and he is from Barcelona, Spain. Milton’s Facebook: www.facebook.com The Remixer, Sven Schienhammer (Quantec, Monoaxial)… Sven Schienhammer grew up in the 80’s. Producing and remixing electronic music since 1995 first using hardware tools such as Rolands MC 505 and a 303 with some EFX tools. Now the studio is hardware and software in symbiosis. Using some oldschool synths from the 70’s and 80’s for the love of the Lo-Fi feeling of those machines! The sounds are digitized thoughts and emotions. Personal favourite styles in music include Detroit and dubby electronics, Deep House, Dub, Roots Reggae, drones, Ambient and some experimental stuff. He also releases music as Sven Schienhammer. (Edited) -Discogs. Quantec Links: www.myspace.com Website: www.svenschienhammer.de soundcloud.com www.facebook.com Toffler Music Entertainment Links: tofflermusic.official.fm www.digdis.de www.triplevision.nl www.facebook.com Video made using trakAxPC software. Website: www.trakax.com YT Channel with excellent tutorials: www.youtube.com

Sven Schienhammer – The Heliacal Risings Of Aldebaran

Sven Schienhammer – The Heliacal Risings Of Aldebaran Taken from the album, Altostratus Translucidus (BineMusic 2011) | GROOVE | Sven

Sven Schienhammer – Sound Signals For Other Planets

Sven Schienhammer – Sound Signals For Other Planets Taken from the album, Altostratus Translucidus (BineMusic 2011) | TRANSMISSIONS | Sven