Roman Fahls – Iberia

Faroe Island based producer Roman Fahls has been producing music under various monikers for 4 years. His self-titled project comes in the form of techno inspired ambient soundscapes, layered with thick warm pads and distorted beats. With these elements and the experimentation in track structure, Roman has created a sound that works as well on headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

Turing & Percival: “INTERVAL”

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Turing & Percival: “INTERVAL”
feat. remixes by MARTIN STÜRTZER, HEAVENCHORD & El Choop.

Deep, minimal, ambient and dub sounds on the latest LABEL release by Turing & Percival with Martin Stürtzer (aka Phelios) (Eternal Soul Records), Heavenchord (Axiomatic Records), and El Choop (ETUI Records).

The artwork for “Interval”, designed by Joshua McAllister of LABEL, made the front page of Reddit’s r/graphic_design community.

Alex Human – Réveil Chromatique

MixCult presenting a 3 tracker from its residents. Original track by Spanish music writer Alex Humann known for his ambient-to-deep-techno production and sets. Deep House and Dub remixes came from Kirill Matveev – Russian dj, founder of MixCult.