Giriu Dvasios – Buti

Girių Dvasios started just as a cool name for my dub techno works. I always visualized forests and nature when I was listening to this music, that‘s why I picked this name. I also visualized the same as I was making this music. As a result I fell in love with nature. In this process I realized that a human is not something separated from it. There are no separate things, everything is one, and everything is related and connected. Therefore, If you do not respect nature, you probably don‘t respect your self or other people as well. To throw trash around our planet is equal to trash your own body and soul. I believe that in order to save our planet and humanity, every person has to see him self as an inseparable part of the nature. And I hope that my music is helping people to do that.

Extrarausch – von A nach B

Extrarausch, born at the Baltic Sea in the north east of Germany, has discovered the electronic music in the Berlin Club Scene (e.g. Tresor, Maria am Ostbahnhof, in the end-nineties.

In the subsequent years, he came across the artworks of Moritz von Oswald, Mark Ernestus and Rod Modell, which have had a significant influence on his taste of music to this very day.

The start of his journey into sound design and music production has begun in twenty-fourteen, when he decided to settle down after seven years of travelling around the world.

Tissu – Space Loop EP

Tissu finally makes the leap from Mörk to the LT main label with another delirious EP of swampy and woozy late night house tales.

Drawing off the sound of his earlier work, the Space Loop EP mashes together the more ambiguously low pass-filtered style of ambient house with the thumping and racheting sounds of space station maneuvering, interstellar mechanics and cloud-skimming high-altitude plane excursions.

Locked in a rotating motion all of it’s own, Space Loop builds layers of space dust, Earth-beamed transmissions and NASA ramblings alongside distorted rhythmic hat work and throbbing kick ‘n’ bass.

RV Jam takes the same formula but applies a shedload of heaving swing into the mix plus a delay-drenched crystalline-cave synth pattern that echoes into the night throughout the Southern Icelandic region under the Northern Lights.

Lastly, Filter Dub sees two outings for the release. The Tissu-leaning Original Mix buzzes with rippling acid lines and more dub-delayed pads and skittering percussion on a smooth mix-down. Whilst the LT-preferred Hard Mix ramps up the percussive medley for a more intense and raw assault of drums and textures.

Matthias Springer / Helly Larson / Frank Hellmond – Turmfalke 2×12″ Vinyl – Episode 1&2

Matthias Springer’s Turmfalke is a special Vinyl project based on inviting friends for crossover remixing some deep tracks. Starting with Frank Hellmond on Episode One, Helly Larson followed on EpisodeTwo, both Records are now available as 2×12″ with a special price, exclusively on Bandcamp!


1.Frank Hellmond – Divine Insolence feat. Snowflake 07:15
2.Frank Hellmond – Divine Insolence feat. Snowflake (Matthias Springer Remix) 06:50
3.Matthias Springer – Mandrake Groove 05:57
4.Mandrake Groove (Frank Hellmond Remix) 06:42
5.Helly Larson – Rescue Me 07:58
6.Helly Larson – Rescue Me (Matthias Springer Remix) 05:55
7.Matthias Springer – Alea Iacta Est 08:01
8.Alea Iacta Est (Helly Larson Remix) 06:09

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Outward Roots – Moonlit Trees

After two successful EPs, Outward Roots is pleased to finally release their first LP titled “Moonlit Trees”.

Almost as if it came straight out of the 90s Techno scene alongside albums like AFX’s “Selected Ambient Works” & LFO’s classic “Frequencies”, this album combines lush soundscapes with stripped back, to-the-point drum patterns making this album minimal dance music in the purist form