nightspecial: Mixotic 200 » Anonymous – 200.9.hours

Download a never-ending party to celebrate the 200th Mixotic release! This means: 200 tracks in 9 hours! Every track is a netlabel release from the year 2009. This session was recorded secretly during an excessive party night on planet Mixor. The DJ is a weird looking extraterrestrial, all we know about him is that he was active on Mixotic before while he was living on earth…

[Freeosc63] Enggenier – Chardonnay (2010)

excellent production, emir we need more! thank you

Yes we know it is 2010, and we do think about you, so our first release for this year, Chardonnay ep by Enggenier, is here available as free download. Emir Selimovic a.k.a. Enggenier already had his debut on Oscilator with Traumline EP in 2007, and now he is back with three sofisticated and mature deep/tech-house tracks that will surely stand out in any set. So, download the release, and house yourself.

[Fono 004] Dsum – No Pares EP (2010)

Comenzamos este nuevo año y con el la llegada de nuevos lanzamientos en nuestro bloglabel, para esta cuarta referencia es Dsum quien trae un ep cargado de sentimiento donde sale a relucir un sonido limpio al mejor estilo deep house. El ep consta de cuatro remixes impecables a cargo de los productores locales Vandelklang, Qk, Sano y Joed Kleem quienes adaptan muy bien su estilo al disco.

Es sinceramente un placer presentarles este disco y esperamos lo disfruten tanto como nosotros.

[Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Colombia]

nightspecial: rødhåd ‘the city of lost children’

rodhad-the-city-of-lost-children by dystopian-music

some dub, deep and athmospheric… i hope you enjoy.

01 alka rex – latau
02 monolake – void
03 emty set – over
04 leftover – chasm
05 mikkel metal – conceal
06 freund der familie – pewars
07 jouem – day lily
08 nick solé – children
09 quantec – profound expiriences
10 atheus – sphere one
11 stl – from a distance
12 delta funktionen – estuary
13 daniel stefanik – growth
14 shakleton – there is a slow train comming
15 monolake – shutdown
16 claro intelecto – great day

the thoughts of ruin… yuka – podcast-002 (2009)

A sun dog or sundog (scientific name parhelion, plural parhelia, from “beside the sun”; also called a mock sun) is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.
ARTISTS: Goldwill, Gorgio Gigli, Andrea Ruffino, Donato Dozzy, Cio D’Or, Khz, Xenia Beliaeva, Let’s Go Outside, Regis, Sistema

LABELS: Liebe Detail, Prologue, Aconito, Railyard, Time To Express, Fullpanda, Systematic, Pnuma, SD, Neuelarmklasiker


[dplm21] Didactic Scalica – Fuse (2010)

the next deep techno shot from ukrainian netlabel deep limit is ready, njoy.

“You can taste the delicacies of those, who are devoted to the techno-genre. “Fuse” is intricate, sensibly-made collage from sounds and consonances, more intellectual, with certain fraction of romanticism. While tasting the details, this release can be infinitely viewed from different perspectives – it’s all up to you.”