nightspecial: rødhåd ‘the city of lost children’

rodhad-the-city-of-lost-children by dystopian-music

some dub, deep and athmospheric… i hope you enjoy.

01 alka rex – latau
02 monolake – void
03 emty set – over
04 leftover – chasm
05 mikkel metal – conceal
06 freund der familie – pewars
07 jouem – day lily
08 nick solé – children
09 quantec – profound expiriences
10 atheus – sphere one
11 stl – from a distance
12 delta funktionen – estuary
13 daniel stefanik – growth
14 shakleton – there is a slow train comming
15 monolake – shutdown
16 claro intelecto – great day

the thoughts of ruin…

Best Dub Techno of 2009

So its been a great year for all the netlabels & digital labels out there, releasing so many quality releases for us lucky fans.

Here is a little rundown of some of MY favourite releases over the last year, i will list a few tunes in each category, mainly Dub Techno and Deep House to keep on theme with the blog but ive included a drum and bass release which i think deserves a special mention for its dub techno influences.  I know ive missed out so much music here, but these are just a few that come to my mind when thinking back over the year.  This is by no means a complete run down of 2009, ive been traveling Asia for 8 out of these 12 months and have probably missed out on a ton of tunes.

Mariana Dub Sessions @ Codename Vs Mariana, Takasaki Japan

itunes pic

Recorded on Dec 7th 2009 between the witching hours of 12 and 1am, warming up for mistress of liquid deep CIO D’OR. Massive thanks to DJ Io for the tour date and my favorite Takasaki deep music lovers Ai chan and crew for making it out!!!